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15 Months

Holly D Gray7 Comments
Caleigh turned 15 months old yesterday. I can't even believe it. Ok, I can, but at the same time looking back it really doesn't seem like we have been doing this {our new normal} for 15 whole months. We couldn't imagine our lives without her or any different.

At 15 months, just for memories sake, Caleigh is laughing and smiling daily. She still only has one tooth, but lord knows more are coming soon! Caleigh is holding her head up better and more steady now. Of course she is rolling from tummy to back and her noises are getting more diverse. She has started this whole shy thing when people talk to her. It's really cute. And most exciting Caleigh, at 15 months old is off of TPN. Eating small amounts of baby food by mouth and occasionally takes a bottle. She weighs 22 pounds and 3 ounces and is 27 1/4 inches long.

At 15 months old Caleigh is still our little miracle.

Here's a little video of Caleigh laughing with her daddy.

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