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My hiatus is now officially called off. I'm sure everyone is just giddy with delight....
{insert your sarcasm here}

Of course a lot has been going on, including but not limited to: Pumpkins, Crying, TPN, Cancer, March of Dimes Signature Chefs Event, Bottles, Costumes, Teeth, Diaper rash, Fat baby, I could go on and on.

I guess I will start from where I left off. Eric and I left Caleigh at home with all 4 grandparents for the first time so that we could go to the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Event. It was amazing, a wonderful time. Yes, I called to 'check' on things several times, but it was nice to step away for a bit. I still don't have my copy of the video that was shown, but when I get it, I'll post it here. The grandparents did a great job. Caleigh is a lot of work. She knew something was up, but they all survived. Most importantly, Eric and I survived our first evening away from our baby girl.


How's Caleigh?

So much has changed since I last wrote.

Caleigh now has a tooth (bottom right), Yay! It was an ordeal, but after much rubbing from mom and dad it finally came through. Since Caleigh isn't able to get anything in her mouth on her own; her gums don't get wore down like they normally would.
We are now doing 8 hours of TPN and at our last GI appointment it was decided that Caleigh would be OFF TPN before Christmas time. She is gaining too much weight here lately. Caleigh weighs 24 lbs and she had been gaining about a pound every week and a half. That's a really fast rate for her and our GI said that she is getting fat and he won't be having that on his watch! Of course, I'm not even mentioning this to our little rebel.

Caleigh has also started taking water and pedialyte from a bottle. She doesn't really like her formula and I don't blame her at all. That stuff doesn't resemble anything close to milk and it smells horrible. I went to the store and literally bought one of every bottle out there. Caleigh ended up liking the mam, it has a flatter nipple than regular bottles and it came with a very slow tip. We've now worked up to the #2 nipple but I think the #1 helped Caleigh control what was coming out. I think the fact the she is teething now has really helped this transition. We were told that Caleigh would never get her suck back.......... huh, guess she proved them wrong again.Caleigh seems to be doing about the same with her baby food intake. We are hoping that she will get a little hungry with the decrease in TPN and then put two and two together.

Caleigh is now on all bolus feedings. This means she eats every 3 hours. No more continuous feeds. Caleigh seems a lot happier. Mainly because she doesn't feel like she just ate Thanksgiving Dinner all day every day. She gets 95ml of 22 calorie formula at each feed through her g-button. In between those times we work on baby food and water.

The past week Caleigh has been having a lot of trouble with diarrhea. We gave imodium like crazy and nothing seemed to help. She wasn't happy at all and I'm pretty sure we didn't sleep for over a week. Caleigh had her classic SBS diaper rash. So on Friday night after a lot of crying and screaming we finally gave up and decided it was our old frienemey Bacterial Overgrowth. We started Xifaxin again and within 3 days Caleigh is back to her normal self and her diaper rash is healing up. It had been 6 weeks since we last had this issue and hopefully it will get less and less with Caleigh's feeds going up.


I wanted to say Welcome Home to Carter Cates. After half a year in Boston and after a multi visceral (6 organ) transplant {and lots of prayers} he is now back home in Texas. You might have seen Carter on the local news and even headline & CNN. What a movie star he is! Carter and his family still need lots of prayers and support. You can read his journal here.

Also, I wanted to have everyone say a prayer for little Emerson White. She is recovering in Omaha from the same surgery that Carter had. She hasn't been doing well and I know how hard it is to sit and watch helplessly as your child is sick in the hospital. Pray for Emerson's strength and also the strength of her mom. You can read her journal here.

I wanted to thank everyone for your kind words regarding my Gimmi. As always, we appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Caleigh wants to shout out loud to her Uncle Heath. Happy 21st Birthday! We Love you!

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