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Generosity comes in many forms and for our family it has come in the style of love and charity that people have offered us. No, I can not sit here and type every little thing that has been bestowed upon us. Ever since Caleigh was born we have been blessed by so many people. It's the small things like cards, meals, visits in the hospital, phone calls, Starbucks, emails and of course prayers that make our day to day withstanding & beautiful. There have also been the large gifts that seem to make our lives easier right when we think we can't make it. No matter what we have been blessed with small or large, our family is forever grateful to the loving human spirit of our family, friends and those of you whom we might never meet.

One such gift this week was from the members of DFW Charity Racing League. This group started with a loving couple whose daughter, Payton, was born with many brain deformities. You can read about her story here. They decided to give back and help other families in need. Through friends of ours, who happen to be a member of the league, they found out about our family. Back when Caleigh was in the hospital (June) they all got together and raised money for a gas card to help with us driving back and forth to Fort Worth. This time around the amazing group donated diapers and wipes. A LOT of DIAPERS & WIPES!
I took all of them out of the boxes and made a huge pile on the floor. It was should try it!
Such caring people. We can't thank them enough for everything they have done for our family. If you have a special needs child locally they can help with some of your none monetary needs. Just check out the site. And if you love cars and racing and want to do a good thing while having fun, be sure to join their group.


Another wonderful person is Caleigh's physical therapist. I had showed her a new chair that I wanted for Caleigh. It's still fairly new and I was certain insurance or medicaid wouldn't pay for it. I was really just wanting input about the chair. Later that afternoon I got a call from her telling me not to buy the chair because she can get it through the therapy's durable medical equipment company and we would only have to pay $50. WhooHooo! I was really excited. Two weeks later it arrived and when I asked about paying for it she told us not to worry about it. Apparently, each therapist receives credits towards their DME company each quarter. Our therapist had just enough to cover the chair ($75) and she said that she couldn't think of anything better to spend it on. So sweet of her!
Everyone's heard of the Bumbo chair and we have one for Caleigh, but she quickly outgrew it with her chubby little thighs. The Childrite Therapy Chair is made by the first company to import Bumbo chairs to the USA. The company that makes Bumbo chairs was not interested in producing a special needs version and so the Childrite seat was born out of Conroe, Texas with a lot of input from therapist and parents. Each chair is hand made in Fort Worth. I'm in love with the Childrite. It gives Caleigh a whole new perspective on things and it's easy for us to take anywhere. Plus, it gives me a new perspective on Caleigh. Trust me you'll be seeing a lot of pictures with the chair soon. And if you have a special needs child I highly suggest this chair.

Click Link Here to view Childrite Therapy Chair

I'm also excited that this is our first special needs equipment purchase. Some of the stuff out there can look so scary and the farthest from normal. So I'm excited that this looks just like a bigger bumbo. I guess I'm just not ready for all that is involved with the special equipment of a special child.

Speaking of not ready.....I've received so many comments on the Welcome to Holland poem that I posted a long time ago. I'm putting a link to it in the Good Read section of this blog.

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