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She Looks Right We Say Left

Holly D Gray8 Comments

A few days ago someone {anonymous} commented, asking if Caleigh has Torticollis. I thought I would try to explain this condition a little bit.

You can read more about it here.
I've pasted the first paragraph explaining the cause of Torticollis...

What causes Congenital Muscular Torticollis? CMT is caused by damage to or a shortening of the Sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle in an infants neck. Sometimes, but not in all cases, there is a hematoma (lump) in the muscle where it was damaged. That lump will eventually go away as the muscle heals and is stretched. The most common causes of CMT are inutero positioning, lack of space inutero (big baby or little mom), a traumatic birth, multiples (lack of room again!), and low amniotic fluid inutero.

In short, Caleigh doesn't have this condition. We have had her checked for this before. She does in fact have a serious, very strong preference for her right side. Caleigh can easily turn to her left and does so often throughout the day. We have her changing pad so that she has to look to the left to see us. We put her to sleep propped up on her left side. We do daily neck stretches as well. Us taking Caleigh to the Network Care Chiropractor has helped her turn her head to the left with ease. Due to Caleigh's long hospital stays and the amount of time on a ventilator she has this preference. I know I'm very right handed so having Caleigh to my right makes things easier and I think that the nurses in general set everything up right handed as well in the hospital. Also, this love of her right side has to do with her cerebral palsy and the balance within her brain. We're working with her and as of now it's getting better.

Excellent eye {anonymous} and thanks for asking. If anyone has any questions about Caleigh, our family or just anything please ask. I want this blog to be as informative and helpful as possible and your questions can make it that way. We love your comments!

Caleigh has been doing wonderful during this short time off TPN. We have really watched her blossom over the last 4 days. Her hair is softer and more shiny. She looks skinnier, not so swollen, but hasn't lost any weight. She was retaining fluid from the TPN. Caleigh has been eating 3-4 tablespoons of baby food during the day compared to the one tablespoon I used to basically force feed the child. She seems to be babbling up a storm and I feel a first word coming real soon. Fingers crossed that things continue to go great.

Here's a video of Caleigh's new trick. Rolling from her stomach to her back. Don't miss the big smile at the end!

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