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Christmas 2008

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This year the annual Gray Family holiday card did not get printed and mailed out. Sorry, but lucky for you we have the blog. So enjoy and hopefully next year I will get my tail in gear earlier!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a nice day. It was even more special being able to spend it with Caleigh and family out of the hospital. It was the big 27. I've never really been to terribly excited about my birthday. It's just another number and just another year. I'm pretty non complacent about it. Ever since Caleigh was born 'another year' seems so much more important though and I am very thankful for that. I woke up yesterday morning thinking about last year and where we were at. Caleigh was recovering from a very tough surgery and our wonderful nurses and staff at the NICU sang happy birthday to me. That was a wonderful present and I will never forget it. This was one of my good memories from those days and I really do cherish it. My 27th year is sure to be better than my 26th without a doubt.

On to Christmas.... Eric is at the firestation again this year so Santa dropped off Caleigh's presents and left instructions on how to handle them for tomorrow morning. I'm sure we will be able to get away with this arrangement for at least a few more years. Wishful thinking. Caleigh and I will be headed out to visit Eric in just a few hours and then we will be off to the grandparents' for holiday treats.

On a side note/Caleigh update, she is doing great. Eating more than ever by mouth and gaining a little bit of weight. Tummy bootcamp is going well and Caleigh has really taken too it. The stupid 'hat' is still a go. We had the follow-up appointment where we voiced our hate for the 'hat.' Then I remembered the Christmas spirit and decided to leave the appointment quietly. I was almost in tears over the whole thing. We have another appointment next week to check on the new adjustments. It seems to be better this time. I'll just leave it at that. We have an appointment with our surgeon on Tuesday. I'll let you guess what we will be talking about......

I wanted to ask everyone to say an urgent prayer or better yet several prayers for Emerson White in Omaha Nebraska. She had a multi-visceral transplant in June and hasn't left the hospital since. Her doctors are afraid that she won't make it through the week. Please pray for her healing and the comfort of her family this Christmas day.

You can read her story here: Emerson White

I'm going to leave you this Christmas morning with a quote from Emerson's journal. It made me smile and cry. I think it sums up the true meaning of the holidays.

"As you tear through your packages, may you always remember the greatest gift of all cannot be boxed or wrapped in paper. May you hug a little tighter and a little more often, and may you cherish every moment you are given with those you love most in this world.

Peace, love, and joy to you allโ€ฆ"

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