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How do you know

Holly D Gray9 Comments

As a parent of a child with special needs, I have often wondered....How do we know what we're doing is enough? Will it work? Are we doing everything possible?

There are so many things out there to do for a child with cerebral palsy. Some are gimmicky, some have been around for two or three decades. The only thing medical professionals 'believe' in is medicine. Each of these things states that they are the best shot your child has. Who do you believe? It's not like we have done this before!

Today we went to our second conductive education class. It went really well. I enjoy seeing all the parents and children that are like us. These children go everyday, like school, from 9-3. Usually a child like Caleigh would start public school at 3 years old. I don't know about you, but that seems too early for me. So these children go to conductive education instead of public school and trust me I think they get way more out of this then they would at school. I had been thinking about what to do when we got to that point. I guess today reminded me about our future choices.

I guess I'm just having a day where I doubt my parenting skills. It happens to most parents, whether we are deciding what to feed our kid for lunch or figuring out the best way to help our child walk someday. I need to remember to go with my gut.

I'll try to get some sleep. Wake up tomorrow, hopefully feeling better and not so overwhelmed with all the choices our life has to offer.

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