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I've been meaning to throw in some random information about Caleigh here lately and never seem to find the time. Today I'm sitting outside during day 2 of our garage sale. I know, it's December...what are we thinking? 8 years of marriage odds and ends.....that's what I was thinking! It's cold, I think winter finally made it to North Texas. Caleigh's currently warm inside the house with her Mimi. Yesterday, Grammi took her turn. I don't think Eric and I could have pulled this off without them!

With much insistance and work we finally got Caleigh a new g-button. It took about a month between orders and home health figuring it out. It's smaller, low profile and more flexible and my hopes are that it will encourage a little more tummy time. It's called a mini one balloon button made by AMT. So far I'm loving it. It looks great! It's been leaking a bit, but they usually do for a few days after we place it.

This is the Mic-Key ButtonThis is the Mini-One

What is that band-aid type tape on Caleigh??? This is Kinesio Tape. It's tape that gives a slight stretch to Caleigh's muscles. Therapy Tape. We put it on her stomach, neck, and arms. Did you watch the Olympics? It's the same tape that the volleyball player had on her shoulder. It works and we can really tell a difference without it.

As of today, Caleigh has been off of TPN for a month. She weighs 22.5 pounds which is only a pound and a half loss. She hasn't needed any IV fluid replacement so we have decided to keep the central line until further along in the winter. Just in case Caleigh gets sick and needs IV access we would have an easier time. These next few months are vital. We have to keep her healthy.

We went to our first Conductive Education class with Caleigh. I think we are going to like it. For right now it is a private session but as she gets older we will introduce her to the classes or camps that they have. It's in North Dallas so it takes us about an hour to get there on a good day and we will be going once a week. You can read more about it at A Child Can Do All Things.

We have really started putting Caleigh on her tummy and she is finally getting used to it. I just got done reading the book 'What to do about your brain injuried child' by Glen Doman. It's a very intriguing book and Eric and I are thinking of attending a lecture in Philadephia this coming April. It's expensive, no doubt, but a lot of what they practice makes so much sense. It's all about healing the brain. Part of the program is tummy time all the time. How can a child learn to crawl when their not on their belly? Hopefully we will get a lot out of this. I plan on reading a few more of his books before the lecture.

We took Caleigh to have a 3-d picture of her head done last week. This was for her cranial band. We will be picking up the 'helmet' on Dec. 11. This is to help Caleigh's skull even itself out and if her brain is growing correctly it will work. I'm sure there will be pictures and more info. coming soon......

Caleigh still has one little snaggle tooth. Her smiles are adorable. Our OT bought us a regular vibrating tooth brush to help her 'feel' that something is in her hand, since she might not always see it. The thought behind it is that she will be able to grasp things for longer periods of time. It has seemed to help and she really does hang on longer. Caleigh has also decided that it is her new favorite teething tool. So if you got a kiddo teething buy a vibrating tooth brush and your kid will be in heaven!

Someone asked what therapies we have Caleigh in. She gets Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Speech Therapy (ST), Vision Therapy (VT), Conductive Education (CE), Network Care Chiropractor, and we are planning on starting the program at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. We have also looked into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, but I don't think it is for Caleigh right now. All together this is 8 appointments a week not including the time we spend doing Caleigh's therapy ourselves everyday. Therapy doesn't end when the therapist walks out the door.

Where did I get my fabulous hair done? Reflections Salon and Day Spa in Weatherford, TX. I've been going to Judy since I was in 6th grade. I swear she is an artist. Look her up!

A few days ago a woman from DARS (Department of Assistive and Rehabilitive Services) came to the house to set Caleigh up with their program. Our vision therapist referred Caleigh to them. First of all the woman was blind. Second of all she had the cutest service dog (Did you know that you aren't supposed to pet service dogs?). Third of all she brought with her the most annoying driver ever! I'm not even sure why her driver needed to come in our house. She wasn't an employee of the program and she sure as heck didn't need to hear Caleigh's social repeated three times! On top of that she was all over Caleigh saying how much she loves babies. Yeah, we all love babies but I'm certain she was able to read the sign on our front door. Ugh. I guess I'm still agreevated. Maybe I should complain? The woman with the program was very nice and basically at Caleigh's age they can help get her toys and things that will help with vision therapy.

Here's some pictures from doing Caleigh's turkey hand print:

And, we finished putting up the Christmas tree. Here's some pictures from that. Such a blessing to have Caleigh home this year for the holidays. What a difference a year makes.

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