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Stupid 'hat'

Holly D Gray4 Comments

As of this morning I've given up on that stupid 'hat'!

We took Caleigh for a follow-up fitting on Wednesday. The cranial band was coming off when she slept and it was rubbing her ear. So the lady trimmed around the eyes, ears and after 2 hrs at the office, more pictures and a consult with a lady in Arizona who supposedly designs the bands; she added more 'foam stuff' to the back around the neck area. It seemed to work well in the car on the way home, but Caleigh slept pretty much the whole way.

The real test was tummy time, and boy did it fell. It's worse than it was before they adjusted it. I'm pretty tired of hearing Caleigh scream every time it falls down over her eyes. It only works if she is not all. So I called the next morning and they wanted us to come back in. We already had three appointments that day and we aren't able to make it back in until Tuesday. So as of this morning I have given up on it until Tuesday. I'm tired of Caleigh crying because it is uncomfortable. I'm tired of adjusting it. I'm tired of her tiny head sweating like crazy in it. I still hate it. I haven't even decorated it yet because I don't won't them to mess it up when making adjustments. errrrr......

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