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Emerson Call for Action

Holly D Gray2 Comments
Little Emerson

I know many of you keep up with little Emerson. She is such a fighter coming back from the worst several times since her transplant. During the recent month Emerson developed complications resulting in the removal of 90% of her new transplanted bowel. She now needs another transplant to survive. Here's where the action comes in. Emerson's home is in Colorado, she is being treated in Nebraska. Because she has been in Omaha for so long, Colorado Medicaid is dropping her. Caleigh's medical bills topped 5 million after 6 months in the NICU. So I can only imagine what a transplant and ICU stay has cost. They have met their life time max for their insurance. Medicaid is all they have. When we took Caleigh to Pittsburgh for a transplant evaluation they had to have financial approval from our insurance and our medicaid for the transplant before they would even do the eval. It's the same thing with re-listing Emerson for a 2nd transplant. She has to have medicaid to have the transplant. Without the transplant she will not make it.

So here's what I'm asking. Go on over to Emerson's journal and read what her mom (Erika) wrote. She's asking that all of us write an email or letter to Colorado officials. She's listed the names and addresses of those important to the matter.

Emerson White

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