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Food Face

Holly D Gray5 Comments
The quest to conquer baby food and solids continues on. The process starts out so happy and carefree. Lots of smiles and giggles.

This is what Caleigh ate for lunch today. Vegetable Beef Pilaf with Semolina Pastina added for calories and texture. 6 whole ounces, 170 calories, an all time record!

Of course, this meal was heated to the perfect temperature for my little diva. I always let miss priss smell her food before giving the first bite. I say 'bite', she barely opens her mouth for fear of what is about to enter. The first bite usually results in a 1-2 minute gag fest. This ultimately results in spiting up the tiny amount in her mouth. At this point all happiness is off the table. I proceed with a smile, while holding and making faces at my little princess. Sadly, for my wardrobe & hair, Caleigh has learned how to ever so slightly spit and spray food. This usually starts about half way through the feed when, I can tell, she gets bored and aggravated. I look very interesting by the end of the day. I fly through such songs as, London Bridges, Jingle Bells, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, The Ants Go Marching In, and Caleigh's all time favorite, The Wheels on the Bus; where I might add, everything is 'in' the bus. This includes cows, cousins, & chickens.....anything to make the song longer. I bounce and sing our way through 3/4 a feed. This is where it gets sticky. The lower lip comes out. The pouting begins. The whining starts. This week I found out that Caleigh understands 'No' and the tone of voice I use to 'mean it.' She dried up those whiney tears and mustarded up enough strength to finish the meal. There are tears of I don't wanna, and you can't make me. There are also attempts of falling asleep during this portion of the feed. All I can say is little miss thing is getting good with her tactics. A little too good.
Caleigh's empty lunch bowl.
The defeat of a 17 month old who hates to eat.
Not too bad for a kid that wasn't eating by mouth 4 months ago. I'm praying it gets easier and that one day she will enjoy the process of eating. I've got my fingers crossed too!
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