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The New Year

Holly D Gray7 Comments
Hopefully, my procrastinated post won't be a sign of things to come in 2009. We have been so busy. Last Sunday I woke up and decided it was time to really crack down on bottle feeding Caleigh. Lets just say it's been a really rough week. Baby bottle boot camp is going better than in the beginning, but I'm just plain worn out and so is Caleigh. Her suck is stronger and more rythmic although there is still a lot of work to be done. The amount of formula she is taking is getting better too. She gets tired because she isn't used to working all the sucking muscles. You would think that with those cheeks we would have it down! There isn't a formula to go by in these situations. No one says 'ok here's what you need to feed her _{enter food}_and when_{enter time}_. We do have a fluid volume that we need to reach per day for hydration purposes. We also have a calorie need per day for weight gain purposes. No one says 'here's how to get Caleigh off of g-button feeds __{enter specific & organized plan}__.' It's been driving me nuts, and now that Caleigh's central line is gone, I think it is a perfect time to concentrate on it. If anyone out there has tips and tricks they will be greatly appreciated.

With my loss of control with the feeding situation, I've felt the need to organize in other areas of our life. Cleaning things out, putting things away, but at the same time I am making a bigger mess for myself. I'm very far behind on thank you cards, laundry and sending baby shower gifts. Having a list of things to do sends me mad. I need to take a deep breathe and enjoy life.
I finally decorated Caleigh's cranial band. Eric was at the firestation and I spent New Year's Eve getting closer to my crafty side and with a good friend watching 80's movies. Uneventful but cozy. So here are the results. What do you think? I used fabric and decided to add a little bling. I'm open for business if anyone is interested {hehe}Ah, yes. It may be pretty but that doesn't mean it fits any better. We aren't up to the 23 hours of wear, and I don't even feel bad about it at this point. Not sweating the small stuff in '09.
2009 will be an amazing year for our family. Lots of postive thinking here. Caleigh will achieve more and more of her goals. Eric and I will work on settling into our life as parents of a child that isn't so sick anymore, but that needs special care in other ways.

We wish everyone a happy and blessed 2009

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