Made of Gray


Holly D Gray5 Comments
Early Saturday morning Hoosier, our first baby, passed on. He was a little over 8 years old and had been sick for about 3 weeks with stomach tumors. About 3 years ago Hoosier had a heat stroke while out for a walk. After some time in a local puppy ICU he came home. The stroke aged him fast and he just wasn't the same as before.

When Eric and I got married and moved to Florida, a dear friend brought Hoosier to us from Texas. Just a puppy, he went with us to the beach, to the park, everywhere. We would make special outings to the pet store just so we could bring him. Hoosier loved to swim and that is an odd thing for a Boston Terrier. He was also the biggest Boston anyone had seen. Pure muscle in his glory days, Hoosier weighed in at a large 50 lbs. He traveled back and forth from Florida to Texas several times. He sat with me when Eric was out to sea. He was a good dog and quite the protector. Hoosier will be greatly missed.

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