Made of Gray


Holly D Gray1 Comment
It's 5:30 in the afternoon and both Eric and Caleigh are in bed. Eric has some sort of stomach bug and Caleigh is very congested and coughing. Eric has slept all day and Caleigh refused. I called today and made an appointment with our Pediatrician. The minute you mention preemie and RSV they really bend over backwards to work things out. The nurse told me that it wasn't a good idea to come in this afternoon because they are inundated with Flu and Strep. Our appointment is at 8am tomorrow before any other appointments. So a program of benadryl and tylenol will have to do until then. The congestion isn't in her chest, but the cough is getting a little more wet sounding. The risk of RSV is real and I won't be taking any chances. Better safe than sorry.

February is not starting off so great. Maybe we will have a nice calm finish though.

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