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Terrific Tuesdays

Holly D Gray6 Comments
Today sounds like a great day to call terrific.

Caleigh is feeling much better. Her appetite is finally coming back. We've started to decrease tube feedings and up purees again. I couldn't get her to eat anything while she was sick. So we kinda took a few steps backwards because of this. Thankfully she's taken to eating again without too much trouble. Now I just need to get the volume back up to what it was.

I found this great Tray online for Caleigh's Child-Rite seat. It works perfectly and I'm really excited about it. This will give Caleigh a chance to reach forward and out for things. She seems to enjoy her time in the chair and I love that it gives a new outlook for her. This tray is actually marketed towards car seat and stroller use. I plan on trying it out on everything!

You may be wondering about the flashlight... this helps Caleigh see her toys better. Well lit things are easier for her to see than darker items. When we highlight a toy or flashcard she really seems to notice it more.

Thank you to everyone who have already signed up for this year's March for Babies. If you walked with us last year, make sure you are signed up under Team Caleigh. We changed the team name for this year. So make sure all of the information says Team Caleigh.

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