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1 long year ago

Holly D Gray7 Comments
Eric and I we're itching to bring our baby girl home and that's exactly what we did 1 year ago today. March 5th will forever be branded in my brain.

6 months 2 weeks and 5 days.....29 weeks....201 days Caleigh, Eric and I lived in the NICU. I remember the day we brought her home so well. It makes me tear up as I type and think about that day. Eric and I joyfully arrived at the hospital around 9am. We didn't make it home until 7ish that night. It took a long time to takes a lot to send a baby home on TPN. We had to go by the pharmacy to pick up a sack full of meds. We walked in the door and hit the ground running and haven't looked back since.

Of course there were many details, but overall, the entire day was filled with joy and tears. We we're scared bringing home a baby that was so sick, but we knew that we could take care of Caleigh.
{Our little nugget, all 5 pounds, first time through the door}

It's been a long year. Ups, downs, prayers, tears and laughs. Caleigh has taught us so much and we are pretty sure this is just the beginning of our education.

Happy Homecoming Anniversary!

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