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Just a Moment

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{I love me some baby arm rolls}

I have just a minute to post. Eric took Caleigh down the street to the fire station this morning to check her blood sugar. As soon as she woke up we got her in the car and off they went. Hopefully everything is fine. We needed to check it while fasting. When we did labs a few weeks ago she was being tube fed and her glucose came back 154. We still have those orders to do more labs and hopefully we will be able to get those done this week.

I'm sure my friends will get a kick out of this.... A few weeks back I signed up for a local diaper service. I always wanted to do cloth diapers with Caleigh, but never had the chance to try them. I don't have the time or energy to wash them so when I found a service that would pick them up and wash them...I was really excited! That excitement lasted a week. Short Gut Kiddos who go through 10-16 diapers a day (lately anyways) do not need cloth diapers. Kids who have nothing but liquid stool, do not need cloth diapers. I gave up quickly. I forfeited, ran away, through in the towel. Eco-this, Green-that, bum-tastic..... Cloth diapering wasn't for us.....what can I say? YUCK!

We've lined up renting a soft hyperbaric oxygen chamber (HBOT) for July. Being in July is a good thing. We're doing way too much right now and introducing something new would lead to my eventual nervous breakdown I'm sure.

Caleigh's new blended diet is going well. We've had a few bumpy spots to deal with while getting it started, but overall I'm happy with the results so far. Making stews and blending food like crazy seems to be my new hobby. Oh, and changing diapers. Eric and I made a weeks worth of stew on Saturday and it took a good half day including the blending. It's been a lot of work, but I'm hoping it will give Caleigh the nutrients that she needs and the good stuff to help her brain.

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