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The Not So Miracle Doctor, or at least I think

Holly D Gray8 Comments
Eric and I went to our appointment with the highly recommended Ear Nose and Throat doctor today. It was suggested that we not bring Caleigh to the first consult appointment so that we could go over her history and talk about options. So Caleigh stayed at home with the grandparents while Eric and I had our outing.

Let me just point out here that I'm open to anything as far as treatments for Caleigh as long as my gut and instincts are telling me it's a good idea. Obviously we would never put Caleigh in harms way. I'm also very open to alternative therapies. My brother lovingly (I think?) calls me a tree hugger. I've made my own house cleaners for the past 4 years. I love all animals. Throw it at me....I'm down.....

So when the fairly odd eye doctor suggested we see this new doctor, an Otolaryngologist, I was ok with it. Why not? When I called to make the appointment, his staff sent me a new patient packet filled with info. He is affiliated with a reputable local hospital. Apparently, he is a founding member of the Defeat Autism Now campaign. He takes a complete metabolic approach to each patient. From what I've heard he has varying results.

Our first appointment, the consult, cost us a hefty fee. He explained his practice which uses more Eastern medicine than Western. So he suggested we start off with labs to get a baseline of where things are. Here's where the problems come in.... He doesn't take insurance, our insurance wouldn't accept him anyways. The labs he is wanting, hair sample, complete blood tests, allergy tests, would end up costing us a fortune. After these tests are in, he talked about getting Caleigh to eat good food (good luck guy!), different supplements, injecting Flora or good bacteria into the intestines and he even mentioned a smige about stem cell therapy & Mexico.

The whole time he was talking I felt odd about him. I could tell he was a well educated man. I just couldn't read the situation. Usually I can tell if we are talking to a quack or not. This time I was guessing. So we made it through, paid and made the next appointment a week from now. When we got in the car I still couldn't decide how I felt about the situation. I knew it was going to cost a lot and that's about the only thing I knew. When we got home I looked at Caleigh and decided right there that we weren't going back. First of all, who consults about a patient without seeing the patient? After a little Internet research, I found good and bad reviews about the man. The general complaint I found was that he cost too much and pushes supplements to make his big bucks. Some said he was a great doctor. He apparently is very cutting edge in the Autism world, but (fortunately for us) I know nothing about this subject so I couldn't tell if there was progress made with his patients.

So tomorrow I will call and cancel the next appointment. I figure the first appointment was so costly probably because people don't always return after hearing the sales pitch. I'm not saying he is a bad doctor. We don't know that. I have that feeling though. So I feel like he isn't a fit within our family.

I will say that I have come to trust little that is out there for kids like Caleigh.
It's a shame that there are so many schemes aimed at desperate parents looking for a cure. It's hard to trust. Too bad there isn't a handout, or a road map once your kid gets diagnosed. That would obviously make life a little too easy......

So we're on to my next find. Hopefully we will have more luck with it!

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