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Off Switch?

Holly D Gray9 Comments
My brain just doesn't stop moving and thinking. One researched thing always leads to another, which leads to more questions which leads to another thing. So can anyone tell me where the off switch is?
From crazy doctors to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. My quest to 'fix' Caleigh continues on. I know that I can't correct what has happened, but I feel the need to do everything possible.

Many people have commented about stem cell therapy. I had researched the process throughly a few months ago. China is doing the most extensive programs with stem cells for cerebral palsy. I'm not comfortable with the process and progress of these programs, as of yet. I think there is plenty of work and research to be done in this area. This is just my opinion. Due to Caleigh's gastroschisis and urgent bowel surgery, saving the umbilical cord stem cells at birth wasn't an option for us. If anyone is pregnant and reading this SAVE YOUR CHILD'S CORD BLOOD. There are many companies doing this and the expense is completely worth it. Duke University is working with infusing a child's own cord blood stem cells and the results have been wonderful for children with brain injuries and leukemia. If you are reading this and you have a child with a brain injury. Duke University will store the cord blood of subsequent siblings in hopes of future research with sibling cord blood. If Eric and I had another child, there is a 25% chance that the new child's cord blood would be a match for Caleigh. The research just isn't there yet in the United States. I'm hoping this will fall into place soon. Just think of the possibilities?

I've been researching hyperbaric oxygen therapy, homeopathy, natropathy, suit therapy and the list goes on and on. I need to take a BIG chill pill. Take a deep breathe and stop. I think one new thing at a time will suffice.

That one new thing just happens to be a new diet for Caleigh. Blenderized diet to be exact. Nutrition, Brain Food and not yucky formula from a pop top can. You are what you eat, right? I'm really excited about this project and I can't wait to fill everyone in on how I found it.
Yes, this is an angry cry picture, but can you see those teeth? Caleigh has another molar coming in, but still no dice with the top front teeth.

We have had a really good week. The weather has been just amazing. Eric and I worked on the yard and garden a lot this past weekend and Caleigh enjoyed her sunny time outside.

The cranial band (not pictured here) seems to be working well to round out her head shape. There is still work to be done, but for now Caleigh only wears it at night. We go for fittings every 2 weeks and that is getting to be old. I'm pretty sure it is wearing off some of her hair in the back. Hoping it grows back soon.......

Today I got orders from our GI doc to do another swallow study and a script for Baylor's feeding clinic. I'm excited to be moving forward with this. I also ordered a new adaptive cup for Caleigh. The Infa Trainer Special Needs Cup is a good step after the bottle and before a regular cup.

Last week we took Caleigh to LabCorp and had labs drawn. Some things have come back a little off so we have orders to repeat these labs. Hopefully we can fit this into our schedule sometime this week.

Caleigh's head control is getting stronger and she can now sit unassisted for ten seconds. She has also started inching, very very slowly, her way on the floor to get to toys and us! WhoooHooo, Caleigh! Way to go, baby girl!

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