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Too Complex

Holly D Gray7 Comments
That's what they said after the 3 hour feeding clinic evaluation. Caleigh is too complex. Too difficult a case. So they gave suggestions for our at home therapists to use and they want to see her back in 6 months. They think that her eating trouble is neurological. She's not ready to eat and doesn't know what she is doing. Of course they decided this after seeing me give her 3 bites of green beans and 2 drinks of water. I definitely think that her brain injury is apart of the problem, but I also know that she was eating by mouth a few months ago and gaining weight. It wasn't easy but she was doing it. Caleigh didn't have anything by mouth for the first year of her life. I believe that is a huge part of the problem. We are on the list for the intensive day program. That's the 5 day a week program. This waiting list is 6 months long. I'm glad we went to this evaluation because it got us on the list, but at the same time it's hard to hear someone tell you that your child isn't ready and they can't help her. So I guess OUR goal is to get Caleigh to eat again somehow. Why count on other people to get her to eat. I honestly just wanted another opinion, some pointers, an answer. All I got was another failure appointment and more frustration. This isn't the first time we've heard someone tell us that Caleigh is too complicated for them. I wish it was the last, but my suspicion is that we are only in the beginning of our journey.

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