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I just got Caleigh to bed and finished off the last of 6 loads of laundry. It's been a restful day. No therapy and no visitors. We laid around in our PJ's and hung out on the back porch before the cold front came through this afternoon.

Caleigh is finally acting like herself again. We had to stop the blended diet on Wednesday. Caleigh's belly was huge and hard. She was stooling like crazy. Listless, not smiling, not babbling and she was very floppy. She wasn't herself at all and it was worrying us. So we switched back to the Peptamen Jr. and she has slowly gotten better. Caleigh's belly went down in size dramatically the next day. The thought was that she was having trouble digesting the new foods. So the plan is to add one new ingredient per week to get her guts adapted to the new food. We will probably start this next week.

Ok, so for the big news..... I got a call from the Baylor feeding clinic yesterday and after filling out what seemed like 50 pages of forms we are set to have an evaluation on Monday. So, we're in! Apparently there was a cancellation. So we don't have to wait till the first of June to get in. We'll have to go over details when we get there, but we may have to start out going 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes. From what I understand the intensive program is 5 days a week for 5 weeks from 8-3. They only take 3 kids at a time so that is where the waiting list comes from. We'll figure it out, but I'm glad to have our foot in the door.

On March 13th I actually put Caleigh in her own room and in her own crib to sleep. I decided it was time to stop the co-sleeping because I wasn't sleeping AT ALL and I felt horrible. Every little wiggle or move woke me up. Eric snoring, Caleigh wiggling....I didn't have a chance. I wouldn't get into that deep sleep that everyone definitely needs to survive. I would 'think' I heard something and reach over making sure Caleigh was still breathing. I bet I would do that at least 6 times a night. I had gotten to the point that I was so tired that I couldn't sleep. That's bad. I was basically on the edge of a sleepy time nervous breakdown. I still go and check on Caleigh throughout the night, but the fact that I have to get up to do it makes it happen less and less. It's been going great except the past few nights where teething has been the culprit. Eric and I officially have our adult bedroom back. I enjoy reading in bed or checking the net without having to be quiet or keep the lights off. I loved co-sleeping, but at some point you have to say stop.

Tomorrow, Eric and I will be gone all day attending a Dave Ramsey lecture. I love all things Dave Ramsey and his budgeting advice has really helped us since Caleigh joined the scene. So I'm excited to have an adult day out of the house.

Tomorrow is also the NICU reunion. We are going to play it safe this year and skip it. I wish the hospital would schedule it for May. I think it would be better for all the kiddos. (hint, hint to our hospital friends) We'll miss seeing everyone and hopefully we will be able to come up to the hospital to visit soon.
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