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Calling all Carrots

Holly D Gray6 Comments
So today I had to call off the carrot crusade. Caleigh had become increasingly constipated over the last several days. We had been adding about 150ml of carrots to a 24 hour period over the last 12 days. Her stools have become thick, and tar sticky. So once again we back off from the world of 'real' food and take a small break. It's so frustrating. What's a mother's job? Feed your child and keep them alive. Ok, that's basic, but really the mommy handbook doesn't say anything about popping the top of a can and pumping a weird milk like substance directly into your child's stomach. It just doesn't feel right. On the other hand, we are so blessed to have that can of weird white stuff and a way to feed our Caleigh. We are not defeated. We will start again after Caleigh's belly calms down.

Here's Caleigh getting some much needed Vitamin D (aka sun). We also added a supplement to her med list. This will give her 2000 IU's a day. We will check her levels again in about 6 weeks.

Today we had an appointment with the nephrologist. This is the kidney doctor that looks over Caleigh's blood pressure medicine. She has never been diagnosed with a kidney problem but due to all of her gut issues and TPN dependency, a nephrologist was chosen over a cardiologist. In the beginning no one could tell us why she had high blood pressure. They all assumed it was due to abdominal discomfort. Now that the discomfort is gone, Caleigh still has high blood pressure. So we are scheduled for a renal ultrasound to check her kidneys one more time. We are also scheduled for some more lab work to check her kidney numbers. Also, we are waiting to hear about a date to do a heart ultrasound to see if there is any damage or enlargement due to the hypertension. A lot came out of this appointment today and it made me feel a little overwhelmed. We will just have to take one test at a time, wait for the results, and go from there.

Saturday is the March of Dimes, March for Babies Walk. Team Caleigh has raised a whopping $1960 so far. I'm really excited to be seeing everyone at the walk. Don't forget to donate if you haven't already!

It's not a great picture, but if you look closely you can see Caleigh top tooth! It finally came in after what seemed like a 2 month teething spree! She got her new shiner after some dedicated, overnight, numbing gel and nuk brush scrubbing. Now we just have to get that other one in....

After the March for Babies on Saturday, I leave bright and early Sunday morning for Philadelphia. I will be gone for 6 days attending the lecture 'What to do about your brain injured child' at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. I'm a bit stressed running around getting ready to leave and making sure everything is in order before I do. I'm too much of a control freak to leave my natural habitat without any instructions or cleanliness. We'll see if the house is still standing when I return! All grandparents are scheduled, food has been bought, tomorrow is laundry day. Eric will be off work all week and I trust things will go well. He IS the best daddy in the world. So I have no doubts. I myself will hopefully be sleeping through the night for 6 days straight!

I probably will not post until I get up to Philly. Things are just to hectic right now. This is the first time I will be away from Caleigh....Wish me Luck!

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