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All by herself

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That's right sister....Caleigh is sitting unassisted!

She was so proud of herself. I kept telling her what a big girl she is and how wonderful sitting can be. I didn't time her and I'm kinda sad I didn't, but after I got done looking at the photos, that I had to step back across the room to take; I remembered the pics have a time to them. So I pulled up photoshop and there it was....a minute and a half which was probably about 2 minutes because I didn't start taking the photos right away. I'm delighted to see this progress and I can't wait to try again in the morning.

So what made the difference this week? Well, tomorrow will be one week on the reduced Keppra dosage. It's just a little but we can really tell a difference in Caleigh's head control. Her head used to bop all over the place and now she can hold it steady for longer periods of time. We have one more week on this dosage and then we will inch down again.


About 3-4 weeks back Caleigh's g-button broke in the middle of the night. Instead of going to the ER at 3am we put a Mic-Key button in that we had extra. Right about that time is when we were putting in the new floors and Caleigh started hating tummy time. On Thursday we finally got our AMT mini-one button from our home health company and we immediately put it in. The next day it was like I had a completely different daughter on my hands! Tummy time was a breeze and the area around the button is slowly healing from the Mic-Key button induced granulation tissue. Caleigh doesn't mind being on the floor now and the moral to this story is.....get out of bed and make the trip to the ER at's worth it. What a difference a button makes!


The day after we changed Caleigh's button to the mini-one, she started having black stools. Black stools usually mean blood when the consistency is normal. So I called our doc and they ordered some labs and a stool sample to see if it was in fact blood. Yesterday morning we went and did the blood work and they sent us home with a nice little stool sample kit. It may be from the button being changed out and there being old blood in her system. Although it's been going on for 4 days now. It makes me think otherwise. Caleigh isn't acting any different, but we don't want to miss anything. Hopefully we will have the results some time early next week.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day!
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