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Caleigh has been working on sitting and doing great. She has even figured out how to fold herself all the way down so that she can chew on her toes. It's really cute and she gets tickled when I 'catch' her doing it.

All the happiness was easily overshadowed by a cranky little girl on Tuesday and Wednesday. Something was off so I called our pedi and got an appointment. Turns out Caleigh has the beginnings of an ear infection. This is the second one that she has had and the second time we caught it before it got bad. She wasn't running a fever and she can't pull on her ear like regular kids do, but I had a feeling our little girl didn't feel well. So we started an antibiotic and already Caleigh has a nice yeast infection brewing. Oh well, trading one for the other I guess. She seems to be feeling better.

This past weekend's test results didn't turn out great. Blood work was good, but the stool samples came back positive for blood. We talked to our GI and went in to see him this afternoon. He did a stool test there in the office and it immediately showed that there is blood in her stool. Usually the test takes 1 minute to show up, but Caleigh's turned right away. Oddly enough her stool is back to a light brown. So we were sent home with more vials to test her stool for c difficile, parasites and an overall stool culture. All of these, if positive, can be treated at home with medicine.

Now if they come back negative we've got a whole new ordeal on our hands. The tentative plans are to do a scope, both lower and upper, to check for inflammation and bleeding. Also they will check her fundoplacation to see if there are any tears or hernias. My bet is on the fundo. Anyone who has been around when Caleigh starts retching will know why I'm placing my bets on this one. I don't know how anything could hold up to that. I hope not, but right now it seems the most logical.

On to the next thing, it's a bit confusing because we are just trying to figure it out, so bare with me. For the past few months with every tube feeding Caleigh has been acting out of sorts. By this I mean she starts off happy, ends up retching at least once and then starts acting confused, lethargic, sweating, can barely hold herself up, cries and wants to be held. Sometimes her eyes roll around too. Her normal spastic muscles turn to jello. It freaks me out honestly. The 7am feed is the worst of all and it takes her all morning to recover from whatever it is. So my original thoughts were that something is going on with her blood sugar. I've even had to schedule her naps and feedings at the same time because I can't keep her awake. I took her feeds down to 4.5 times a day and we have slowly been weaning the 10pm feed. We've changed her formula in hopes that it just wasn't agreeing with her. Along with these symptoms Caleigh has a bowel movement at least once if not twice during each feed. Early last month while trying to figure this out I made an Endocrinologist appointment. It's not until the 16th of June, I figured we haven't seen one, why not add it to our list! So with further research I looked into the types of Dumping Syndrome that can cause glucose problems. I brought all my research to our GI today and I think we may be getting somewhere. Caleigh has all the classic signs. Sweating, fatigue, decreased consciousness, stomach growling, diarrhea...the list goes on and on. We ran by the Endocrinologist office and picked up a glucometer on our way home today. We are going to check Caleigh's blood sugar right before she eats and then an hour after. We'll probably do this for a week to get some good readings down and maybe find some answers. I think the mystery is still unfolding but it's a place to start anyways.

Tomorrow morning we have an appointment with Nephrology in an attempt to figure out Caleigh's blood pressure...again. I'm bringing our BP machine and cuffs with us. I don't believe that the cuffs that we have actually fit Caleigh and it really does make a difference. I don't want Caleigh on the medicine if she really doesn't need it. Through my research, if Caleigh does have a dumping syndrome it could be causing the high blood pressure IF she is having high blood pressure.

Caleigh always keeps us on our toes and running in about 6 different directions at once. Never a dull day...

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