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Behavior..Caleigh Style

Holly D Gray7 Comments

It's wonderful when the child that was once labeled, too hastily might I add, "mentally retarded" & "unable to understand" shows a visible sign that she comprehends what is asked of her. We of course know that Caleigh understands everything. She's a smart cookie. I was recently asked how we know that she understands the word bath. I told the lady that she gets excited about it. That's not exactly proof in the world of brain injured children so this new development is ground breaking in my book. She also pushes up on her arms when we ask her to and if we ask her to hold her head up, she does so. Those things aren't always necessary so it's hard to show. That being said we ask Caleigh to do a lot of things and she doesn't respond yet. We know she understands and so we just keep on asking.

This is a fairly recent development with Caleigh. She seems so frustrated not being able to communicate with us. She seems angry. Usually when she is having one of these 'fits' she wants something. I guess it's her way of showing displeasure with a situation. We get this a lot lately. The arching, the screaming and a hint of growling. It's not all smiles and buttercups around the Gray's house. It's frustrating for Eric and I as well. We long for her to be able to communicate with us. Now that I think about it....this is her communicating with us.

With Caleigh's newly developed frustration comes a new word added to her vocabulary. "NO." I have to hold her in my arms, tell her no, sometimes shake my finger while saying it. Talk to her in a stern voice. The conversation usually goes something like: Caleigh I know you are unhappy with _____ (usually I know what it is) and I'm going to try to make it better and get you what you need. So with Caleigh being the genius that she is, she has turned this scenario to her favor. The main examples I have are tummy time on the floor, sleeping and trips down the incline ramp. She will throw these fits when she doesn't want to do something because she knows that I or someone else will pick her up. I've tried letting her 'cry it out' with no avail. When she pulls one of these stunts the conversation changes to "No Caleigh, your a big girl and you can handle it." I'm not sure if this is a typical, almost two year old defiance or if it is brain related. What do you think?

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