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So here's a little summary as to what's going on and what happened today. I'm bouncing our little muffin on my lap right now and have a bit of time to write.

Wednesday - Pedi appointment, Caleigh has the beginnings of an ear infection. We start a 10 day stretch of amoxicillin that night.

Thursday - Stool samples come back positive with blood. We go to GI appt. Started taking stool samples for c difficile, parasites & stool cultures. Caleigh started getting a yeast infection and liquid stools due to the amoxicillin. Picked up a glucometer to monitor Caleigh's blood sugar. Possible dumping syndrome suspected.

Friday - Caleigh didn't sleep. She was up all night stooling and in pain with the yeast infection. 7am rolled around and her blood sugar was 68. Started her feed, one hour later her blood sugar was 293. One hour after that it was 210. Called our GI doctor. A 2 week liquid anti-fungal was ordered to help the yeast. More strips and lancets were ordered for our glucometer. We loaded up a fussy, hurting little girl and headed to our nephrology appointment. Luckly for us the nephrology and endocrinology offices are in the same area. I checked in and then asked for the nurse that gave us the glucometer yesterday. They sent out a different nurse, but I told her all about what was going on and how we didn't have an appointment until the 16th. She confirmed that 293 and 210 were too high. She said that she would talk to the doctor and give me a call. So far I haven't heard anything. I will be calling again first thing Monday morning.

At our Nephrology appointment Caleigh's blood pressure was high...142/95 and then 105/75. We are shooting for nothing higher than 100/57. The nurse gave us the right size bp angel as far as I'm concerned. I've been fighting with home health for months. Apparently, the medicine that Caleigh was on only really lasts for about 4 hours. We were only giving it to her at 7pm and she would literally pass out. This may explain her sudden waking in the middle of the night too. So for Lord knows how long Caleigh has been having high blood pressure. We've switched to a new medicine tonight and we have the right size cuff. I'm going to start recording blood pressures twice a day and we are to go back to Nephrology in one week.

I was supposed to have a hair appointment this afternoon. Eric was going to take Caleigh out to his parents while I did that. We ended up canceling, hanging out at the pharmacy for an hour and coming home. Caleigh's bottom is so incrediably red it's unreal. We've started the anti-fungal through her g-button. We've started putting lotrimin on her bottom and I'm about to give her a bath in apple cider vinegar. Hopefully this thing will go away. This afternoon, while Caleigh was screaming because her bottom hurts, and I had lost count of the number of diapers we've been through......I was close to just taking Caleigh to the ER. All the doctors are there, I don't have to call and call to get was a fleeting thought. Not doing it unless it's absolutely necessary. We are just tired and hating that she is hurting. It stinks that it is the weekend. All our favorite nurses aren't there to answer my calls. Gosh we are spoiled. Sometimes it helps to be chronic....but most of the time it sucks.

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