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Admitted to Cook's

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Caleigh is now admitted to Cooks after a very long night at home and a very long day in the emergency room. Last night she cried and cried. She was obviously in pain. Her stools were one after another and her dehydration was getting worse by the hour. At 5 am, after hours of pedialyte wasn't working, we decided to pack up and head to the hospital. We called GI and told them we were on our way. We got to the ER about 6:30 and preceded to wait for a doctor. After the doctor saw us, the nurses, who probably went out back and drew straws, tried to get an IV on Caleigh. One man finally got one and they started re-hydrating her with fluids. Then the wait was on for a room. By about 4pm we were settled in our room. Caleigh was still in horrible pain crying and screaming. The GI on call came by and we discussed everything that has been going on lately. There are a few theories. One being a partial bowel obstruction. Two severe bacterial overgrowth that was thrown into high gear by the antibiotic for the ear infection. I'm personally hoping for theory #2.

Tonight they have done more labwork and cultures. There is still blood in the stool but all tests for c. diff, parasites and bacteria have come back normal. This means Caleigh will probably be getting a scope while we are here. They did an x-ray of her abdomin tonight and we will be doing a barium upper GI in the morning. There is talk of a gastric emptying study as well to narrow down the blood sugar issue. The endocrinologist is now going to come and see us after all my hard work of getting a quick appointment. Looks like it worked. Caleigh isn't being fed right now and we have her button to gavity. As soon as we put it to gravity, out came some nice dark green bile. Not a good sign and one that we had hoped we would never see again.

I'm at home about to do some laundry and then get some sleep. Eric is being the trooper tonight and staying with Caleigh. I hope they sleep well.

As far as help.... honestly we are all for it. We are utterly exhausted. We haven't slept at this point in over 24 hours. After 22 months of this, I've given up on 'doing' it all by ourselves. Vistors are welcome and meals would be wonderful. The days fly by at the hospital and at the end you wonder what you ate or drank and if it was any good for you. My awesome brother took KoKo to his house. So our house and dog are under control. Thanks to everyone that asked.

I'm hoping this is a short stay but we are looking at at least a week. Please keep us in your prayers and for Caleigh to have some comfort from her pain.

I've taken to this Twitter thing. So you can get updates on Caleigh's day through my Twitter or by following on the left hand side of this blog.

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