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All Done, The End, Finished, Complete

Holly D Gray8 Comments
Caleigh is officially off of all seizure medicine. No more Keppra. She took her last dose on Sunday night. We haven't seen anything dramatic in the last day. Meaning she hasn't had any seizure activity and she hasn't jumped up and said momma yet, but we will give her time on that last one!
These past 6 weeks have been incredible as far as development go. Just this past week Caleigh started repeating the letter G three times in a row. This is a great improvement in her speech. She has never repeated the same sound before. It's always different sounds all run together. So we are really excited when we hear her.

She has also started teething again. Eye teeth and whatever else is left over in that adorable mouth of hers. So instead of wiggling around the floor she is pretty much positioned on her tummy with her fists in her mouth. This is her interest right now. We are still trying to get her to move and she will occasionally, but until those teeth come in Caleigh will be hanging out in a puddle of spit.

Caleigh isn't really wanting to sit anymore either so I am hoping this improves with time. She was doing so well before her hospitalization. Her sitting really hasn't been the same since then. So we will continue to work on it.
This summer we decided to buy a little above ground pool for Caleigh. She has never been swimming before and has never had water above her waist level in the tub. I called around and all swimming lessons for special needs children are for 2 years and up. Since Caleigh will be 2 in August we decided that this summer would be about introducing her to the water.

We bought a cheap pool, we bought a saltwater pump, we got really excited....Caleigh....not so much. She hates it, she's scared of it and she softly cries while clinging to me the entire time. For someone who loves her bath time, and all running water, this was unexpected.

So after some searching and advice from some other moms, I ordered a neck float for Caleigh. This will leave her arms and legs free to kick and swim without letting her head go under. I had a lot of hope for this float and it does it's job wonderfully. The only thing is that Caleigh still doesn't like the water! Float or no float it's all the same. So I try to get her in the float and in the pool for at least 15-30 minutes a day. Maybe she will get used to it and not be scared. Maybe. I really hope so. It would be wonderful for her in the long run.

Here's the link to the float we got Caleigh: Waterway Babies It's wonderful for ALL kiddos....check it out!

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