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Yesterday afternoon we were therapy and appointment free so we decided to take Caleigh to the Omni Imax Theater to see Bugs! It was a delightful film about bugs starring real bugs. Yep, that's what it said. We chose the Omni theater because of it's huge screen size, and loud sound system. Unlike a lot of children with special needs, Caleigh doesn't have the sound sensory issues. Actually with her, the louder the better. So technically this could be consider hypo-sensitive.

Anyone who has been to the Omni can attest to the first 5 minutes and the crazy helicopter ride over Fort Worth. At this point Caleigh decided she didn't want to watch anymore. I guess it was too much, a visual overload. So she pretty much stayed head down on my shoulder listening to the whole thing. Eric and I stared on, watching prang mantises eat the heads off flies and caterpillars turn into butterflies. The content was a little mature for our dear Caleigh, but as far as sounds go she was happy. She was flashing smiles between digging her head further into my shoulder. There were loud parts where I had to cover her ears, i.e. bats, but the majority of the time was tolerable. Caleigh had a few coughing reflux issues throughout the 40 minute film. I felt like we were interrupting every one's viewing pleasure. During the beginning announcements there was mention of a quiet room......we didn't search it out. Oh well, no one said anything....we were the family with the little girl, tube attached...who would say something? I did find myself trying to come up with a smarty pants fancy come back should anyone dare comment about our disruptions.

I think that I am such a germaphobe, that if I was in their place, not knowing Caleigh's situation, I would think she has a cold or something. So I don't want to be THAT mom that takes their kid everywhere even though they are sick and contagious, even though that is totally not the case. I really shouldn't care what others think. Should I? I've had the "oh, she has a cold, that stuff has really been going around, huh?" before and it made my head spin. Instead of going into medical mode, I simply said "nope, it's just allergies." The condescending mom gave me the look. I've felt stupid about my reaction ever since I said next time I will be ready.

So besides Mommy's insecurities, I think Caleigh's first movie experience went very well. It really was fun to get out and do something as a family that didn't involve therapy or doctors. Plus, it wasn't such a bad place to be when the temperature outside was 104 degrees!
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