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Good News

Holly D Gray7 Comments
I'm officially retracting the Fistula post. Yippy! After the barium enema this morning, the radiologist, GI and surgeon all got together and decided that the hole that was found in the colon is actually a 'man made' hole causing no problems. It is one of Caleigh's reanastomosis sites from her June '08 surgery. They took a portion of the colon out and stitched the two sections back together. That is the 'hole' we are seeing.

We are still waiting on the biopsies and should get the results tomorrow. Caleigh is still on IV fluids for hydration. She has the IV in her neck and we hope to get rid of it tomorrow. Last night we started continuous feeds of 60ml an hour and then gave her bolus feeds during the day today. She seems to be tolerating this change well and slept through the night. No blood sugar issues so far with the new feeding schedule.

There is word on the street that Caleigh might be discharged tomorrow. Maybe.

I can't even began to express how happy we are about the change of plans. No surgery. We are loving it.

Thank you to everyone for your sweet words and prayers.
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