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Making Changes

Holly D Gray8 Comments

Things are calm at the hospital. We're waiting to see our doctor this morning. Yesterday he made some changes. We started full strength 20 calorie Elecare formula at 120ml each feed. Now we are back on our home feeding schedule of every 4 hours. Caleigh is now officially on a diet. She was getting 1100 calories per 24 hours and now she will be getting 800. We are going to stay on the 20 calorie formula and keep the volume that she was getting the same for her fluid requirements. They are still adding 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to each feed and so far it seems to be helping Caleigh regulate her bloodsugar and it seems to be helping her not stool out what is being fed in. He also lowered her IV fluids.


Today were hoping to raise the volume she is being fed and to also get rid of the IV in her arm. Caleigh is drooling buckets so she is plenty hydrated at this point. Plus her IV has been in her arm for 5 days. This is crazy unheard of with Caleigh. Yesterday it started to get occluded and we had to flush it a couple of times. So I'm thinking we really only have one day left with it.


I'm going to have to double check but I think Caleigh will go for her endoscope tomorrow. This means anesthesia and another IV placed. Then the plan so far is to send us home on Wednesday. I won't believe it until I see it though.


Last night Eric and I got Caleigh to sleep and decided to rent a movie on i-tunes....after getting some food in the cafeteria and settling down I clicked the download button. Little did I know that with the hospital internet connection we would have to wait 12 hours for the download to watch our movie! We had a good laugh and then went to sleep.

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