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No Change Really

Holly D Gray5 Comments
I'm in a general state of frustration at this point. We've really gotten no where and I just feel helpless.

Caleigh's yeast rash is 90% better. She's left with a few raw spots and a regular diaper rash which she doesn't seem to mind. I'm glad it is better. I was almost at a breaking point. I think the anti-fungal really kicked in and did it's job.

Caleigh still continues to have stools constantly. Liquid, nothing to them. They have an acid smell to them. I believe this new smell is the antibiotic running straight through her. The plan is to call our pedi tomorrow to see if we can get a different antibiotic. The amoxicillin is tearing her up and we have until Saturday for it to do it's thing and get rid of her ear infection.

I'm not sure if we will be able to sort the blood sugar thing out until she feels better from the antibiotic and ear infection. There are just too many variables at this point.

After a little research, Eric and I decided to try Caleigh back on the Peptamen Jr starting Sunday morning. Her blood sugar symptoms seemed to get worse with the Elecare so we thought we would give it a try. On the Elecare her glucose would spike in the high 200's almost 300 and on the Peptamen the number was right around 200. She is still having the lethargic symptoms but not as bad as she was with the Elecare. I talked to our dietitian today and she is going to research a little about what is going on and then talk to our GI. We are also going to get an order of Peptamen Jr unflavored. Right now we have Peptamen Jr. vanilla with Prebio. So maybe she will do better with the plain Peptamen. In general I like Elecare better, but I'm worried about the sugar. Caleigh seems irritable and gassy on the Peptamen Jr. She seems to tolerate the Elecare better except for the glucose issues. Today, on the Peptamen she was cranky, floppy, and wanted to be held constantly. Like everything, it's just going to be trail and error......which I hate.

I've called the endocrinologist office about getting an appointment sooner and I'm waiting to hear back from someone. I plan on calling them a lot tomorrow. Not calling me back is NOT an option.

I'm frustrated and want answers. I want to fix it.

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