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Things are doing better as I type. Better being a relative term here. When we brought her to the ER almost 4 days ago she was pale, lips, hands and feet were blue and Caleigh's beautiful hazel eyes were severely crossed. Not to mention she was impressing everyone with the size of her belly. It was large and hard at the time.

Today her color is back to normal. Her lips, hands and feet are properly pink and her eyes seem to be on the right track. They still wonder but vision is the first thing to be affected when your tired.

Our GI doctor is on call this week and that is a blessing in itself. He understands Caleigh and knows her front and back. It's comforting to have someone like that around.

We took Caleigh for the upper GI yesterday and she did well. It's a totally different ball game with an older Caleigh. She's fairly easy to distract and doesn't get as upset as she used to. Between scans I would pick her up and dance and sing to the music they had playing. She would smile and giggle, but the moment I put her back on the table she would get mad and cry. We know the radiologist by name and have probably paid for his car at this point. So it's a really relaxing thing to have him in the room telling us all about what we are seeing as it's happening. He thinks that she looks better than the last time he saw her (July 08 post STEP procedure). Back then it took a whole 10 minutes for the barium to pass through Caleigh. Yesterday it took 30 minutes which is an improvement, but you and I take anywhere from 12-72 hours for complete digestion. Below you can see Caleigh 'guts'
The white loops that you see are Caleigh's stomach, intestines and colon filled with barium. Her insides are a jumbled mess if you compare to the image I found on the web below.

The one below is a pediatric patient but probably around 7-10 years old. The main thing I wanted everyone to see is the perfect loops of bowel and just how much there really is supposed to be.
Here's an analogy for ya...You and I have a tennis court of small intestines and Caleigh has a ping pong table.

So there was no blockage not even a partial obstruction. We now have our answers as to what is going on. My theory which was confirmed through our doctor goes a little something like this....

About 3 weeks ago we ran out of oreganol oil and while waiting to get more Caleigh went about 5 days without it. The oreganol oil, a natural anti-fungal, has kept any bacterial overgrowth from developing since last August when we started it. It's good for maintaining a balance but not for getting rid of bacteria. About a week or so later Caleigh developed an ear infection. We started amoxicillin. Antibiotics kill off any good bacteria that you have in your system. So the oreganol oil, and the probiotics that we give Caleigh had no chance. Because she was off the oil for those few days the bacteria probably started building up and as soon as the antibiotic was started everything went down hill from there. When you have bacterial overgrowth it causes severe diarrhea and can cause bloody stools. So she started dumping and stooled herself to dehydration. Meanwhile her intestines shut down due to the stress on her body, causing the dark green bile, large abdomin and leaky button. So here we are.

Caleigh has been NPO (no food by mouth or button) for the last 4 days. Her residuals have cleared up and her stomach is back to a normal size. Today we started giving her half strength Elecare with 1 tbs. cornstarch to help slow things down. Because she is dumping and things are just shooting through we want to slow the process down. Today we started with feeds every 6 hours and tomorrow we will probably move to every 4 depending on how she does. The cornstarch did help the digestive time by about an hour or so. At 6:30 tonight we gave Caleigh her meds. 15 minutes later she started stooling and didn't stop for an hour. We probably went through about 14 diapers just in that hour. That is the usual senario. I'm hoping to be able to give her meds with feeds tomorrow to try and prevent that from happening. Due to the blood in her stool, I'm pretty sure we are going to do the scope while Caleigh is here. That way they can look at the lining of the intestines and see if anything funny is going on. That might happen on Monday or Tuesday.

Endocrinology is supposed to come by tomorrow so that we can discuss the blood sugar thing. I brought up the fact that maybe since the formula she is on is elemental and easily absorbed that she is actually absorbing too fast causing the sugars to spike. We'll see what they say.

Another interesting fact that we learned yesterday is that retching can be caused by slow emptying of the stomach (this we knew) AND rapid emptying of the stomach. Caleigh definitely has the later and it makes a lot of sense. Even as far as the timing of her retching.

Caleigh has lost her voice and is incredibly hoarse from all the crying she did. It's very sad sounding.

Tomorrow should be a calm day. Hopefully.

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