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Dentist, Allergies & Tantrums

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We have been very busy. It seems like things just aren't going to slow down.

Last Friday we took Caleigh to the pulmonologist (lung doctor). We haven't visited since last October, right before RSV season. Things are good lung wise. Caleigh has a very fast and shallow respiratory rate. Resting rate is 60's-80's and that is high. She doesn't breathe with her chest. She mainly belly breathes. This is because of her lasting abdominal distention. Even though her belly looks a ton better....she learned to breath this way and it is what is most comfortable for Caleigh. It doesn't concern her doctor so it's not a problem. We went down and got a chest x-ray to check on Caleigh's lungs and to also have a base line picture just in-case she gets sick this winter. There have always been signs of chronic lung disease due to her time on the vent so our doctor didn't want anyone in the ER freaking out if we showed up and her x-rays looked weird.

Monday I went to our local Early Childhood Intervention office and spoke about my experience with The Institutes. Apparently I had a lot to say because I talked for an HOUR! So, I am currently trying to figure out how to condense that for my blog readers. So look for that coming soon.

Tuesday was the start of Caleigh's terrible 2 tantrums. She is now voicing her opinion against her therapist on a daily basis. It started with speech on Tuesday. By Wednesday she was screaming at her PT and just this morning her vision therapists got to hear her loud dislike of them being in our home. I'm hoping this is just a quick phase. She used to do so well with therapy and I think it is so beneficial. Granted, this resistance is a wonderful sign that she is cognitively where she should be, but therapy is so important. So I will type it again...maybe this is just a Quick phase. How long do those 2's last?

Wednesday brought along Caleigh's first dentist appointment. I've been worried about Caleigh's teeth for some time now. Her TPN dependency, antibiotic use, seizure medications, tooth yellowing, teeth grinding and the general delay in actually cutting her teeth have been worrisome. I love the dentist we picked. He knows all of our doctors and spent a lot of time with us. He briefly looked at Caleigh's teeth and said that the discoloration looks to be on the surface and should come off with a cleaning and polishing. He isn't worried about her grinding her teeth either. I can't say the same for totally grosses me out....uh! It may in fact be her allergies and her wanting to clear her ears. He actually said that he is glad her teeth have come in at a delayed rate because they have avoided a lot of the damage from all her medications. We have the cleaning appointment in 3 months and I actually feel relieved that all my questions have been answered. It's all done now and Caleigh got a new rubber ducky out of the process.

Now for the new....gonna drive me crazy diagnosis. Allergies. We finally got her blood work back on basic food allergies and she's got them. It came back with a severe reaction to cow's milk, soy and peanuts. Just when I thought we were figuring things out, we get a hole in our loop. So what does this mean? Well, I think our first step is to go see an allergist and test for a broad range of things so that we know what we are dealing with. Caleigh is currently on Elecare formula and still has blood in her stool. So after looking at the Elecare I see the 4th ingredient is Soy Oil. So after some research and talking to our GI nurse, it shouldn't be a problem. Shouldn't being the key word. Apparently it is so processed that the formula is still considered hypoallergenic. This morning, after comparing formula cans (we have every hypoallergenic formula you can imagine), I found that ingredient wise Neocate Jr should be the best bet for Caleigh. So I'm going to slowly add the Neocate until Caleigh has transitioned over and then we wait and see how she does. Maybe all the retching is from her allergies? Maybe the teeth grinding? Maybe this is why she stopped eating by mouth? I was giving her Peptamen JR, which has a milk protein. I was giving her anything we could get her to eat! pasta.....cheese and the list goes on and on. I guess she finally just shut down and couldn't take the irritation anymore. Did you know that beans are legumes and are closely related to soy! The list of NO's is getting long. So yep, it's complicated and annoying! I knew she was having issues with milk, but add soy and peanuts and who knows what else and we have major issues. I'm sure we will be learning more soon.....

Here's to a relaxing weekend!

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