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Making a Living, Blog Style

Holly D Gray6 Comments
This morning, after my hot cup of fully caffeinated tea was ingested, I started watching Good Morning America. They had a segment on mommy bloggers that they kept teasing so I stuck around to watch. When it came on they were discussing with a mom bloggess the fact that companies send her money and products to "review" their items. This isn't a new game, but maybe a new audience. So the thought is...if you are paying me to review your items.....uh...don'tcha think I'm going to rave about the said item? No brainer here... So then they had on a mommy blogger who has been blogging for about 8 years over at Dooce. She's been through post partum depression, lost her job and numerous other 'mom' issues. She's done all of this without selling out to review products or places. What she has done, and I think it is fantastic, is to sell ad space on her website. So much so that her husband was able to quit his job and Dooce, the website, became their family biz.

How do you do this? I really want to know? I daydream about my next blog post. Going through the details, almost proof reading in my head. I share feelings and thoughts and milestones. Why not make a living being Caleigh's mommy? I already feel like her doctor, nurse and therapist! Is this being a sell out or doing what I love? I would encourage the medical community to get involved. AMT Mini One Button, Benik, Elecare, Mepilex Foam Dressing, Special Tomato, Waterway Babies, Child Rite name it we use it so why not advertise things like this to moms who really need it. Of course, I'm perfectly open to advertising anything as long as it's an income! I do have the BlogHer Network on the left hand side of the blog and so far it brings in about $25 bucks a month. Nothing to quit a day job over. I know I don't have near the readers that Dooce has, but we really could be making more. In one month, Caleigh's blog gets about 5000 views. So how do I cut out the middle man and take this thing big? I am now fully committed to the blogging world and honestly we ain't going anywhere. Do I have any takers? Any advertisers out there lurking around? Wanna pay for a spot? Any advice for someone trying to figure this out? Looks like I have a lot to think about....
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