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Switches. Laughs. Sitting. Rash.

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Here's Caleigh with a loaned switch toy. She pushes the koosh ball and the things in the clear dome fly around while music plays. She really enjoys it. Since Caleigh has trouble with her arms and hands typical toys don't always work for her. These switch toys allow her to work on cause and effect. You can find more switch toys at Enabling Devices.

The special tomato chair that she is sitting in seems to be our battle ground when it comes to tantrums these days. We are trying to get her used to it for future feeding and general play. Now, in that picture she looks happy and yes some times that is how it is, but the majority of the time she hates it. So the plan with tantrums is this:

me: "Caleigh, no crying"
C: {screams}
me: "No crying"
C: {cries}
me: "No crying"
C: {Silence}
me: "1,2,3,4,5"
starts to undo harness
C: {screams}
me: puts harness back, "Caleigh, No crying"
C: {Silence}
starts to undo harness...gets Caleigh out of chair while she is quiet

Alright, that is the super short version, but it is working. She understands that she has to be quiet to get out of the chair. We went from and hour and a half of the back and forth to about 15 minutes and at home it takes less time. Again, it is a wonderful thing that Caleigh has learned how to manipulate to get what she wants, but goodness this kid has stamina...
This past weekend I tried the half Neocate half Elecare formula to see if Caleigh felt any better on it. After 3 feedings she got a rash on her face (above) and a diaper rash. She also became immediately gassy. So we stopped the Neocate and continued on the Elecare. We took her into the GI on Tuesday and nothing was really accomplished. We made an appointment with an allergist and that isn't going to happen until the end of August. So the plan for right now is no food and stay on the Elecare until we know what exactly she is allergic to. I still think she is having a reaction to the Elecare but it isn't as severe as on other formulas. We looked at all of Caleigh's supplements and the Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil that we give had a warning on the label about it being processed on the same production line as milk products. We stopped giving it 2 nights ago and Caleigh has slept through the night since. Maybe a coincidence, but maybe it was really irritating her. Who knows with our chubby cheeked puzzle?
Caleigh's strength seems to be coming back since being sick and in the hospital. I've caught her wiggling on the floor again and she has enough strength to sit. She isn't sitting as long as before, but she seems a little more balanced. Caleigh is also putting her hands and arms out to catch herself when she starts falling.
We are off to speech therapy...Nephrology appointment on Friday and a busy weekend ahead.
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