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2nd Birthday Run-Down

Holly D Gray7 Comments
Caleigh sporting her Better Than Normal princess crown. Melanie did a beyond wonderful job with every little detail! You can check out her son's blog here. Caleigh will be able to wear her crown for many years to come. I Love It!
Caleigh's birthday morning started off at 5am. Eric and I got up, loaded the van, showered, and poor Eric cut up fruit for about an hour. Caffeine was involved. We woke Caleigh up about 7:30 with a happy birthday song as she looked at us like we had lost our minds. We waited patiently for the morning diaper blow-out before getting her dressed up. We headed to the park and I snapped the smiley photo above on the way there.
Caleigh's party was early, 9am. This was to try to save everyone from the heat and to accommodate the all to important nap time. As you can see from the photos Caleigh didn't avoid a little birthday pout. The adorable lip gesture was during the happy birthday song. Caleigh hates group singing and slow songs. She usually breaks down within moments. In our house, slow songs are banned and don't even think of a quick rendition of silent night....she'll lose it. Although, I must admit that she looks awfully cute doing so. Caleigh didn't have but one taste of her dairy free cake and she quickly expressed her dislike for it. I thought it was pretty good though.
The party went well I think. I secretly hate that I can't talk to everyone all at once and I feel like I missed chatting with a bunch of people {sorry}. Caleigh tends to socially shut-down in crowds. She hides her head in a shoulder and doesn't come up until she feels it's safe. I thought she would do better this year, but no dice. She has been so 'talkative' and wide eyed at home that I had high hopes of her climbing out of her shell. After the party I questioned why we actually had it. Not that I regret it at all. It was fun and memorable and we got to share the day with family and friends, but birthday parties are for the children and when the birthday girl could care less.... what do you do? Maybe a few small parties at the house, maybe just a small family party? We will definitely reevaluate next year to make sure Caleigh will enjoy herself a little bit more.
We came home to a mess and a late nap. Caleigh slept for about an hour and then she was up for the rest of the afternoon. She was back to her normal happy self. We decided to end the day with a swim and a early bedtime.

It was a wonderful day. Our baby girl is 2. I'm going to start working on a slide show for her 2nd year. I haven't been quite on the ball like I was last year with that.

Thanks to everyone that came out and shared Caleigh's day, even if it was at the crack of dawn! We love you all.
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