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Allergist, Rice Rice Baby

Holly D Gray5 Comments
Yesterday, we took Caleigh to the allergist. I had pretty high hopes for this appointment. We haven't been doing any food since June. Elecare day in and day out....boring! I should really learn not to get too excited about a possible break through appointment solving all of Caleigh's eating and retching problems. Bottom line is that Caleigh is definitely allergic to cow's milk. So no dairy for her. The doctor thinks that the soy and peanut reactions were false positives on the test and they should be ok. He said to start giving her foods one by one, 5 days apart and wait for a reaction. We had started Caleigh on Zyrtec about 2 weeks ago when her environmental allergies were bad. She immediately felt better so he suggests sticking with it. No tests were done and then we went on our way. Basically, I could have taken Caleigh to our Pedi for that info, actually I had already got that info from both the Pedi and GI....but thanks!
Sometime in June we tried rice cereal through her button mixed with Elecare and Caleigh broke out in a rash within the hour. She used to eat rice cereal, but that was pre-milk allergy. It's pretty rare for someone to be allergic to rice so he suggested we try it again. Today Caleigh ate rice cereal by mouth twice. Once at speech this morning and then tonight for a mini-dinner before bath. She is doing really well eating by mouth and didn't gag or retch at all. As I was putting on her lotion after bath I noticed a few red bumps, so we will give it one more day to see if more develop.

Tomorrow, I am taking Caleigh to the Pedi for a body odor issue. We've been running around to different doctors for awhile on this one, but haven't had any answers yet. Let's just say that my sweet little girl smells like a 13 year old boy diving head first into's just not right for a 2 year old.

Birthday party plans are coming together and at the same time stressing me out. Must breathe and relax...must breathe and relax and enjoy.

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