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Endo, Labs & Eyes

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Yesterday was such a busy day! All the kids locally went back to school so the children's hospital was like an empty cave. There were doctors standing around talking and nurses doing the same. It was kinda weird. A day in the life of no sick kids...wouldn't that be nice?

Caleigh's endocrinologist appointment went well. There are many theories metabolically speaking, but I won't bore you with the details until we get the lab results back. No point in speculating when it might not be anything at all. They took blood for 14 different things and we should know the results in a week or two. We actually went to the lab at the children's hospital. There is a lady there that is 0/2 with Caleigh and the most un-gentle stick I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot because Caleigh has been stuck 100's of times. Eric asked for someone else and then we explained her track record with Caleigh. She got someone else. It's not unusual for the lab tech to miss a few times and then finally get a good vein, but to be rough on top of that is heartbreaking. It took two sticks this time and then we were on our way.

Eric and I took Caleigh to visit Kendall since we were already at the hospital. You know, a little support among friends :-) We hope she gets to come home soon!

We then went and grabbed a bite to eat and headed over to Jen's house to wait for our next appointment and to snuggle some babies! (Head over to her blog for an bonus picture of Caleigh with tiny Emma) We had a nice visit and then we were off to the eye doctor..

On the way to the appointment we ran into one of Caleigh's NICU nurses. It was so great to see she gives great directions!

At the eye doctor appointment we received good news. Caleigh's strabismus is better and he actually thinks that she only crosses her eyes when trying to focus up close, which is normal. As long as she isn't crossing her eyes trying to look far away we won't need any surgical intervention. I'm so glad we decided against the surgery back in December. Parents know best. So no glasses, no patching and just watch those beautiful eyes. Just made a spot check...Caleigh's watching Sesame Street and her eyes are looking great!

We drove home and crashed.

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