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Good Busy Day

Holly D Gray5 Comments
Eric was working today and we had three appointments scheduled. So Caleigh and I went solo. I think it was successful. Here's how it played out...

This morning we went to a new OT place for an evaluation. We had an evaluation about 1.5 weeks ago with a home company, but I instantly knew the lady wasn't going to work for us. Mainly because everything I said went in one ear and out her other. We didn't click. So at the new place this morning I felt comfortable and Caleigh did well. The lady actually listened to me...the mom. What a novel idea.

We dashed over to the chiropractor and then to Caleigh's pediatrician. At the Pedi I apparently felt the need express my dissatisfaction with the run around we have been getting for the last two months. At the allergist, with the nutritionist, with the endocrinologist. If your kid isn't in an emergent situation and they have a chronic condition things move slow. I'm inpatient with Caleigh's care. I run at an ICU pace not so much an outpatient pace. So today and tomorrow she will be making personal calls to everyone to make sure we get in and get what Caleigh needs. I went into the appointment with a laundry list of metabolic disorders that could be causing the body odor. Most of which are checked during the newborn screening test right after birth. Caleigh's test came back abnormal, but it was blamed on TPN and prematurity. I couldn't remember if the test was done again and what exactly the results were. So it's worth testing again. I just love our Pedi. She's wonderful and caring and not afraid to put her foot down.

We came home and I called the 'new' allergist. Our Pedi referred us to another doctor and shockingly the appointment is only a 2 week wait. Amazing in new patient appointment land! Speaking of allergies....Caleigh's face is now broken out in a rash and she has tiny red dots all over her body. So after about 10-20 bites of cereal yesterday she broke out. They were there this morning so we didn't do anymore rice cereal today.

This afternoon, my mom and dad came by and watched Caleigh while I ran down the street to get a pedicure. It has been at least since January since I had one. Poor lady had to pull out the callus remover. Yuck! I caught myself several times with my jaw locked and teeth tight. I've been doing this a lot lately. Stress I guess. I didn't really think of anything while sitting there. I looked from the chandelier to the chairs across the way back to the chandelier. I'm such a visual person I tend to detail everything in my mind. Waste of time, but it was a wonderful break.

Only 1 more day until Caleigh's birthday!

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