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Happy Birthday Caleigh!

Holly D Gray7 Comments


My Sweet Caleigh,

Today you are two years old. An early two, but a big girl, nonetheless. These last two years have been a true miracle. Your life in itself is amazing. Your second year has had it’s ups and downs, but you have fought through with even more force and determination than you did your first. Mommy and Daddy are forever proud of you.

When I think of you, Caleigh, I think of everything I love about you. Your happiness despite all the prodding, pokes and gives me strength. Your patience with life has given me patience with you. Your smile and giggle light up a room. You have touched so many souls without even knowing it. Your excited kicking when we announce “bath time” tickles my heart. The way you raise your arms when I say “up.” Your chubby thighs. Your recent attitude has given me a few extra grey hairs, but I am proud to know that you have that ‘tude.’ Your love of Top 40, and the Dirty Dancing sound track makes me thrilled to be your mommy. Your squeals of delight when your daddy tickles your neck, warms my soul. The way you give open mouth kisses and try to say 'I love you' with a garble of 3 syllables every night, satisfies my being. There are just too many to list. I love all your idiosyncrasies.

Of all the things you have accomplished this past year, a few stand out in my mind as I type this. Pushing up on your arms and holding your head up. Rolling from belly to back. Wiggle crawling. Giggling. Learning to love the swimming pool. Stopping TPN and getting your central line removed. Being seizure free. Sitting unassisted. Making choices. All of which make me smile. I know my list will continue to grow and grow with this next year to come.

Your life is just beginning.

Your journey is just now taking off.

May your 3rd year be bliss.

May you be triumphant in all you desire.

Happy Birthday to my Big Girl.

Love you.


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