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Today was the perfect 'do nothing day' to end a crazy week. I went back and looked at the calendar and Caleigh had 4 doctor appointments, got labs drawn and had all her normal therapy. I think the doctors appointments did me in.

Thursday we saw the new allergist. He seemed to care more than the other one and thinks we should do some skin testing. That appointment is in 2 weeks. I'm not really looking forward to it, but I am interested to see if there are allergens that we don't know about. I wish Elecare came in a skin test!

By Friday, we had an appointment with the Nephrologist. They are extremely thorough and kind, but goodness does it take forever! I'm not even joking...we pretty much have appointments with any kind of doctor you can think of and I can tell you that this office is the SLooooooowest EVER. Our appointment was at 2:30. At this point we know better, and don't even try to show up early. So I got there at 3:45 Caleigh and I were shown our room....another 20 minutes later in walks the doc. We could have stayed home and Caleigh could have had a nap before even leaving to get to this appointment. I thought about calling and checking in an hour before we get there. Do you think they will buy it? It wasn't just this time. It's every single time we go to this office. Plus they like to see Caleigh every month to two months. For Nothing! I hand them a sheet with blood pressures on it they either make changes to her meds or they don't. Our next appointment is in October (aka Flu & RSV season) so I'm pretty sure I'm just going to cancel and fax in the numbers. I refuse to sit in a waiting room for an hour and have Caleigh exposed to who knows what.

Which brings me to my next point...Flu and RSV. It's a little early for me to be germaphobe freaking out, but has anyone had a TV on lately? It's all they are talking about. Swine Flu this, Flu that, Shots, Hand Washing, Cough into your Elbow, Pandemic....It's exhausting just listening from another room much less watching their dramatic faces give the reports. Last month when we went to the Pulmonologist we asked about the swine flu vaccine. Our doc said not to worry about it and to make sure we get Caleigh the regular Flu shot, hibernate and she should be fine. Frankly I'm a little worried about giving her a vaccine that hasn't been around but a few months so I want to side with our doc. Hibernation is the plan, but it tends to be hindered by the many many therapies happening outside our home now. OT and Speech is in a clinic setting. Both are private so no other children will be around during Caleigh's session, but germs hang out for a long time and yes....can you tell...I'm freaking out. We wash our hands and use gel often and so do our therapists, but I have a mommy feeling that we won't make it through the winter as easily as we did last year. Can you believe that Caleigh didn't get sick at all last winter? We were so very lucky. Praying we have a repeat performance this year.

Our PT did Caleigh's evaluation this week. It tested Fine and Gross motor skills. They both came back at a 6 month level. Honestly this doesn't surprise me, and it doesn't bother me either. Caleigh has made tremendous gains in the last few months and we are extremely proud of her. Everyone continues to bring up the importance of development in the next two years. I'm feeling the pressure of this. I wonder if Caleigh knows?

So after all the appointments and germaphobia, we took the day off. I did laundry, and paid the bills while Caleigh played on the floor with no agenda or goals. We hung out in our pjs, cuddled and played all day. I cooked up some homemade applesauce and we sat down to have a few bites today. By this afternoon, Caleigh was wiggling on the floor to get to her beads. She still isn't happy about having to get to her toys by herself, but a quick reminder of "No Crying" seems to help the situation. What a wonderful relaxing day.

Tomorrow we are taking Caleigh fishing for the first time and Monday she has a hearing test scheduled.

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