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Up to My Neck

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It's been days since I sat down and looked at my email and blogs.

Last Friday we had a terrible speech session. They have been getting worse as the weeks have gone on. Caleigh cried for an hour while our therapist tried to comfort her with no success. So we had the weekend off from therapies. It was nice, quiet even.

On Monday, Caleigh and I met up with Barbara from TherExtras for lunch. Her and her daughter were in town and asked to meet up. Jocelyn and Kendall joined us too. We had a nice time and it was fun to meet a new blog friend. Put a face with a name and put opinions and statements with a face! So glad we did it.

That afternoon our speech therapist came to our house to see if Caleigh's hate for speech therapy has to do with her, the location or a general dis-love for therapy. It was extremely nice of her to come to our house. She's not required by any means and has really gone above and beyond for Caleigh. I've heard a rumor she loves the complicated cases and I'm pretty sure Caleigh embraces that term. As I suspected Caleigh did wonderfully at home. Our therapist actually got to hear a lot of the sounds Caleigh has been making. So now I'm not that crazy parent that swears her child babbles when all she does for the therapist is cry! We gave a few bites of ice chips and she went on her way. Good session.

The next day we went to speech again and as soon as we walked in the door Caleigh began to cry. It was decided that day that there is something about the location causing a problem.

This morning we tried again. Bright and early 9am. We showed up and went around to the back entrance. Caleigh didn't seem phased. We also went to a different therapy room. She fussed and whined just a little, but actually did fairly well with plenty of puppet entertainment. We will be entering through the back from now on.

On Friday we will try again. Yes you read that right.....4 sessions of speech therapy this week. I think my head might fly off at any moment! I'm exhausted and honestly tired of speech and Caleigh's lack of interest in speech. Just for giggles, I threw in a music class, two sessions of PT, tried to secure our new OT and made a trip to the chiropractor. Very tired.

A few things that are going well....

I took a video of Caleigh sitting unassisted for 5 minutes the other day and when she was done sitting she reached out and made it to her belly effortlessly.

Caleigh has been wiggling on the floor more. Toys are such motivation.

Only 10 more days until our baby girl turns 2!

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