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Viddy Diddy

Holly D Gray12 Comments
Caleigh's new love is all things Cookie Monster. She thinks that blue ball of growling fun is hilarious!

Here is Caleigh using a BigMack switch. You can record anything on it and when you hit the button the recording plays back. We started out using this as 'GO' make her toys go. About 3 days into using it she hates it. Caleigh has been having some auditory sensory issues lately. If something is too loud she gets startled. So because she knows that the switch will click each time she presses it she has started to cry right before she clicks it. I'm pretty sure this is a form of toddler torture. She grimaces, turns away and then clicks the switch. In this video you can see the beginnings of the tension. This video was taken on Sunday. By Sunday night she wasn't having it anymore!

You can click on the videos to open them larger, directly in YouTube.

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