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ABR Take 2

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We're home now. Caleigh is in bed an hour early and things have calmed down. We got to the hospital at 10:30 this morning. A man at the parking garage told us that parking spaces were limited and we would have to drive around a lot. We got into the hospital and walked among the sickies. There were kids everywhere wearing masks and coughing. Heck there were adults doing the same thing. The ER was so packed there were chairs down the hallway filled with people. It was ridiculous.

We had to hang out in the special procedures waiting room for about an hour and a half before going into pre-op where we waited for another hour and a half. Only one of us could go back into the testing room with Caleigh so Eric went back to the waiting room while we started with Caleigh. The plan was to give her a sedating medicine by enema so that they didn't have to intubate her. If you have read about Caleigh for any period of time you know that she doesn't always follow the plans. We got in the room and they gave her the enema. She preceded to poop it all out within minutes. Caleigh did fall asleep for about 3 minutes until I put her on the bed. She was out cold and then all of a sudden she was up. They decided to give more medicine by enema to make up for what had come out. She was up. Wide eyed and ready to play. Her muscles were loose and she was chowing down on her hands like never before. She was also babbling like crazy. The anesthesiologist came in and gave her gas through a mask and then she was out. I gave her a kiss, asked her not to be dramatic and then went to the waiting room with Eric.

About forty five minutes later we met with the audiologist about Caleigh's hearing. She does in-fact have a mild hearing loss in the lower range according to the ABR. This does not include common conversation sounds. Pretty much it is suspected that Caleigh's brain injury is the culprit again. The brain may not be processing the information correctly. She asked if we thought Caleigh heard dogs barking & door shutting. She does. She also asked if Caleigh likes songs that have a heavy bass to them. Those are the ones she loves most. So the loss of hearing is very mild and no reason to be concerned at this time. She also believes that Caleigh doesn't need hearing aides. If we were to do hearing aides the normal ranges of her hearing would suffer. So the benefits wouldn't be worth it. We will follow up with audiology once a year from now on.

About fifteen minutes later they called us back to recovery to be with Caleigh. As soon as we walked in we could hear her crying. She was mad...very mad. After I got her calmed down the anesthesiologist came back in and talked to us. They did have to intubate and get an IV. We had told her how hard it is to get an IV, while talking before the procedure. She said it was easy to get the IV, but counting the holes on Caleigh's body, they had to stick her 6 times. I guess our definition of "easy" is a little different. They gave Caleigh some fluid. We started water by g-button. Signed all the paperwork. They took out the IV. We took off.

All in all, the whole ordeal lasted about 5 hours.

We are all very tired. It's so draining being at that place. Everyone is wonderful and many of the nurses, no matter what department, seem to remember us. That doesn't make the fact that we get to spend our days at the hospital instead of a normal place like the park, zoo or even mall any better.

Caleigh is recovering well. The only problem she is having is that her face looks horrible. She doesn't do well with tape, adhesives or latex of any kind. It's all over her hospital bands, but what can you do? So we will be working to heal her poor skin over the next few days and praying none of us gets the flu from our short stay at the hospital.
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