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Holly D Gray7 Comments
On Friday, our speech therapist surprised us with a trial Boardmaker Activity Pad. I was really excited, but all the examples that came with it looked like something a 3rd grader should be learning (as you can see on the picture). I took it home and vowed to learn about it front and back. After some reading I put two 4x6 pictures on it, set up button perimeters, recorded what the button represented and voila!
Let me just throw in a side note here. Our vision therapist didn't think the BAP would be a good choice for Caleigh. She said it was a little advanced for her. Our speech therapist thought it wouldn't work either, but wanted to try it out so she got the loaner for Caleigh. She mainly thought Caleigh wouldn't be able to activate the pad easily because of her difficulty with fine motor skills.

Ok, so I turn on the device set it in front of Caleigh. I started out simple. Elmo vs. Cookie Monster. She nailed it. Then I got really excited. I started pairing pictures. I made color blocks, shapes and yes/no options. 2-3 choices. She did well. The only thing that could be a problem is the amount of pressure she has to place on the pad. I think she can learn to work through this though. Maybe there is another device out there that is similar but doesn't need as much pressure??

We have the device until October 1st, and I think the possibilities are almost endless with this thing. Well, as endless as my brain's perimeters. It's not as fancy as the computer type devices, but I don't think we're ready for those yet. It has a great feature called a smart pocket. The pocket has a sim card in it and you can pre-program the pocket to keep the lesson. So your not having to set and record before each use. It would definitely last her a lot longer than some of the suggested devices that just work with choices. The Boardmaker can help with lesson plans and I think the learning possibilities are great.

I've tried to get a video of Caleigh using the device, but she just isn't into performing on demand. We go to speech tomorrow so hopefully she will want to use it then.
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