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Little Red Scooter

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Caleigh's Labor Day weekend wasn't stressful at all, she had a nice relaxing time.

Mine on the other hand had a little drama....

I woke up on Friday morning with a little knot on my eyebrow. I thought, yea, another dang pimple. That night I had a girls night out for a friends bachelorette party. It was fun with a capital F. So I woke up on Saturday morning with my little bump turned large and red. It hurt. By Sunday my eye was swollen shut. I went into the afterhours clinic at our doctor's office. Had to wait for an hour and a half with all the coughing people joking about the swine The doctor seems to think it's a bug bite or a pimple gone bad. She gave me some antibiotics and told me it was infected. "Uhhh,'s red and swollen, I knew it was infected...your the lady with the script your thing." This morning it's a little bit better, but still hurts. Oh and I look like Shrek.

Enough mommy drama, on to Caleigh.
The hearing test went fine. Nothing happened really. She passed all the tests that she can do while awake, but they still want to do another ABR while she is sedated. So far we are scheduled for Sept. 29th. There might be some mild hearing loss in the lower 500 hertz range. Nothing significant, but we will just have to wait and see.

The endocrinologist called with Caleigh's labs. All the girl hormones are normal and all the boy hormones are normal. Which means she isn't having a hormone problem, this was the thought behind the body odor. Caleigh's vitamin D level was low once again so we upped her supplement. We are going to repeat labs before we go to our next appointment in a few months. Maybe the Oreganol Oil is the body odor culprit?

Caleigh's also been eating about a tablespoon of homemade applesauce 2-3 times a day. She isn't having a reaction to it and her eczema on her face is clearing up. The store bought applesauce we tried made her face flare up. The store bought brand has preservatives. Maybe those are a problem? This morning I made homemade pears. Hopefully those will go well and we won't have any reactions. Maybe I need to become Betty Crocker and make Caleigh's food from scratch? If that means she eats by mouth....I'll do it.
Here's a few photos of Caleigh on her new tummy scooter. We were able to buy her some fun therapy stuff with birthday money and this was one of them. If you look up Fun and Function at you can find some good stuff. Caleigh seems to like the scooter and it really helps with balance and head control. She even kicks her legs and tries to crawl on it. The scooter requires serious parental supervision though. Caleigh's big smiles are aimed towards Elmo Live....
I'm still working on the slideshow....there's a lot of photos!

Thursday and Friday are going to be big days for Caleigh plus Mommy & Daddy. More on that later...

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