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OT Rant

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What lies below is a Rant. If you want to stay in a positive/happy mood don't read.

Why is it so dang hard to get a therapist that listens to the parents? I know, I know they ARE the therapist and they ARE trained to do the therapy. I'm not a trained therapist. I'm just a trained photographer...big difference.

Today we had OT at the fairly new place. We've been 4 times now. Initially I liked the lady. She's good. Good at telling me what I wanted to hear during the evaluation.

Caleigh needs work with her fine motor skills. Check.

Oh great you do sensory stuff. Awesome. Check.

Vestibular. The more the better. Check.

No need to work on oral motor. We have that covered with speech and we are taking the SLOW route. No Problem. Check.

So by the 3rd visit I could tell we weren't on the same page. All that was happening was swinging, crying, bouncing, crying, listening to a therapeutic listening CD with huge head phones, crying. 30 minutes of crying each time and an exhausted Caleigh afterward. It's useless.

I talked to Caleigh's speech therapist about the approach I should take with the new OT. Caleigh is so defensive with her mouth, ok, who am I joking...with everything. So our speech lady basically said to tell the OT to get out of her sandbox...politely, of course.

So today happened. I dreaded going all last night and this morning. I kept quiet while all of the above happened for the first 20 minutes. Then she did it. She busted out the yellow chewy tube. She asked if we had one. We have 5. We don't use them. "Well, we will use one here then." Huh, well. At this point my blood was boiling. So she proceeds to stick it into Caleigh's mouth while she is crying and trying to block it with her tongue. I'm thinking "Dear Lord, please don't let this set us back 3 months!" So she can tell it isn't going well, and she can probably read my face so she stops. After she is done with Caleigh she hands her over to me. After I get Caleigh calmed down she starts talking about giving me a sheet on mouth exercises. So I proceeded to tell her that we do exercises, many many excercises. Then it was my chance....

"Since you bring it up...we are working really hard with our speech therapist on Caleigh's oral motor skills. We've been moving at a snails pace and honestly we've come pretty far. With Caleigh being so defensive it is necessary to be on the same level. So, since that area is covered I would really love to work on fine motor skills and whatever sensory integration you think Caleigh could benefit from. I completely understand that the body works as a whole and that you believe the mouth has a lot to do with it, but I would really like to stick to what we originally talked about."

and then she said it... she argued with me...

She said that I was right, the body is a whole system and oral motor was a huge part of her work and that she would still work on that. She said the plan is to work on vestibular, sensory, listening, oral motor and fine motor.

She did NOT listen to me. Seriously, did she hear nothing but lalalalalaladadadada, the entire time I was talking?!?!?

It isn't just her plans for Caleigh which involve way too much to start with. Aromatherapy, another DAN doctor that will cure Caleigh's gut problems (yeah right), cranial sacral (which we already do with our Chiro) but she knows a better lady... bath foam on her arms and legs... I could go on and on.

It's just that for someone that has been doing this for a long time she doesn't seem comfortable with Caleigh. Her movements are jerky, she isn't gentle when Caleigh is arching, she seems almost flustered that Caleigh is crying and annoyed that I am in the room watching.

It's like watching a 2 year old kick a 40 something's butt.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it, but I don't think we have a good fit.

Off to PT....I LOVE our PT.
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