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September Weekend

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This weekend has been wonderful. Friday night we hung out at home, ate pizza and relaxed. Saturday we spent most of the day packing Caleigh's stuff for an overnight stay with her Mimi and Pop. I know most kids require lots of luggage, but I'm pretty sure what we had to pack for Caleigh was ridiculous.

Eric and I dropped Caleigh off, got her in bed and then headed out to eat dinner. Alone. Together. No Caleigh. Ok, just so everyone is on the same page now. Eric and I had an impromptu date night. By impromptu, I mean planned about a week ahead of time. I can pretty much count on one hand the number of times this has happened since we brought Caleigh home. Even though I miss my girl during these adventures we really do enjoy having adult time together.
Eric and I stopped and ate some sushi. I love sushi and don't get to eat it near as much as I would like. I had a girlie drink called a Sexytini which I'm pretty sure every mom out there needs at some point. The name says it all.
Cell phone pictures, but you get the idea. We laughed at how many people were out on a Saturday night and got a nice dose of what people are actually doing while we hibernate inside. It kinda sucked. We used to be those people. On the other hand we feel safe at home. Eric and I made it to bed by 10pm and I was quickly asleep.

The whole reason we took Caleigh to Mimi & Pop's was because Eric worked today and our friends were having their baby baptized this morning. I wanted to attend the baptism, but didn't want Caleigh around all the people at church. Plus I have no clue (on any given day) how she will react to people singing. Mimi & Pop's was a safe bet.

I woke up this morning at 8am to a completely quiet house. It was weird, really weird. I took a nice long shower and actually got to do my hair. It all felt too calm. I had flashbacks of pre-Caleigh Holly. Spending at least an hour getting ready to go to the grocery store or something mundane like that. Now days I'm lucky if I get a shower every other day. Oh, how motherhood changes things.


The trial of sweet potatoes is coming to an end and I just got done making up a batch of green beans to start tomorrow. Caleigh definitely had more trouble with the sweet potatoes then the yellow squash. She didn't stool as much and when she did it was more difficult for her. Other than less stool, which isn't a terrible thing with a short gut kiddo, the sweet potatoes are a keeper. Thanks to everyone that found the sweet potato post from October of last year. Becky of was the first to comment (Congrats!) So send me an email with your address and I will mail out your copy of Blue Sky July.

Green Beans start tomorrow! Knock on Wood....

Tuesday is Caleigh's sedated ABR hearing test at the hospital. Please pray all goes well and we don't pick up any buggies along the way.
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