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Sweet Potatoes?

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Here's a few pictures from Caleigh's new ball-pit. A little birthday money helped out with it and Caleigh just loves it. She's been spending lots of time in the pit. We practice sitting, prone and plan old supine. It's a lot of fun.
Septballpitcomp copy
On Monday, I had to change Caleigh's g-button. The ring that the tube plugs into came out of the button. It was weird and I've never had that happen before. I can handle placing a new button no problem now. It's just a hole and I don't get all squeamish as I did the first few times. It's much easier to handle at home compared to packing up and going to the ER. Caleigh's had three different brands of g-button and by far we love the AMT mini one balloon button the best. Caleigh's stoma sight is amazing. The days of massive leaking, maxi pads and granulation tissue are far behind us!

Caleigh went the entire 5 day trial of yellow squash just fine. There was a 28 hour period where she didn't poop, but picked right back up at her normal 3-8 stools a day. I think her guts are trying to get used to the 'real' food.

Yesterday, we started the sweet potato trial. Caleigh was wiggly and fussy all day. We started to attribute the change in behavior to the new food. As soon as we walked into the OT clinic Caleigh had a melt down. I'm pretty sure this was because she didn't feel great and she knew the place from the old OT. Due to scheduling the new OT is coming to our house once a week and we are going to the clinic once a week. So Caleigh went into her screaming mode, pooped, screamed, pooped some more, screamed and then stopped as soon as we walked out the door. When we got home she was in a better mood. So maybe her guts were trying to get used to the extra fiber? She's back to stooling again, no problem. I'm journaling everything that happens with each food. I remember something happening with sweet potatoes last fall, but couldn't tell you what it was. So we start over new with each food. Trying to create a good list and still trying to get Caleigh's guts to adapt to solids.

As a matter of's a little contest for Caleigh's readers. Because I'm lazy...ok, don't have time! The first person to find and post to the comments, the link to the post(s) about Caleigh's reaction to sweet potatoes will win their very own copy of Blue Sky July by Nia Wyn. Get to searching & Good Luck! {Sorry only shipping in the USA}

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