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Yellow Squash That

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Check out Caleigh over at TherExtras. Since Barbara asked to use Caleigh's picture we had made adjustments to the stander that have really helped Caleigh. We moved the knee supports up slightly (not shown). We played with the tray and now Caleigh doesn't look like the tray is eating her armpits. Oddly enough we have found that by putting the stander in a completely upright position Caleigh's head control is better. If the stander is tilted she tends to lean her head forward (probably a vision thing). Her head stays up by putting her straight up in standing. We've now made it the 30 minutes twice a day with the help of Baby Einstein. Caleigh's cute shoes are making some not so nice marks on her feet so we will be looking into that as well. We all know the cuter the shoes the more they hurt.
Today I am going to Whole Foods in between therapies to buy 32 squash. 32. Last night I made and froze enough squash for 1.5 days. We finally got together with the dietitian and we plan on starting a blended diet again (yes, again). Now that allergies aren't the culprit my plan is a little different this time around. Since there may be several in-tolerances I plan on taking it slow. Starting by adding 4oz of a chosen vegetable to her tube feeds for one week, unless Caleigh has a reaction. Then we will switch to a different 4 ounces of vegetable for the second week and so on. I plan on following a similar schedule of what you would typically feed a baby just starting to eat. Once we get a good repertoire of veggies we will move on to fruits and from fruits to meats. At the same time keeping all of the approved foods in rotation by mouth. The variety of tastes is very important to Caleigh's sensory system even if it is one taste a day. I'm hoping to have a good list of things that Caleigh doesn't have a reaction to. That way she will eventually be on all blended food by tube.

Yesterday, I took Caleigh for the remainder of her 2 year shots and a check up. Without us actually planning to, Caleigh has been on an alternative vaccine schedule. Her hospitalizations and what was going on with her kinda decided what vaccine she got and when. Caleigh is now officially all up to date.

After talking to our Pedi she suggested we get the flu shot yesterday too. And by we I mean Caleigh and Mommy. Eric always gets one with the line of work he is in. I've never had the flu shot before, but felt it was important to Caleigh's health this year. I've been worn down and tired lately and that usually means I get sick easier. I've had a fever blister for the past week too, which is another sign. I would kick myself if I gave her the flu, so I smiled and picked my left arm for the injection. I'm happy to report I'm still alive this morning.

I talked to the Pedi about the swine flu and she said that it's crazy. They have stopped sending in the samples for further testing with the state because they were all coming back as the H1N1. They are now treating all of the type A cases as swine flu. She's pretty sure that the majority of the boom will be over by the time the vaccine comes out in late October. She suggested staying at home at all costs. Try getting our therapies at home, don't go to the store, stay away from other children. Yeah, month early this year. This is going to make for a long winter.

I came home turned on the TV and the news was on talking about a 3 year old that died that morning, in Dallas, from the swine flu. The child had "underlying medical conditions." They said that the child had a neurological condition and COPD. The neurological diagnosis really got to me. It made it personal. My heart goes out to their family. At the beginning of this week an 11 year old died from H1N1 as well. Our prayers are with them.

Of course, what the media isn't telling us is that close to 40,000 people die each year from the regular ole flu. Having a child with several chronic conditions doesn't help our chances with either flu and being safe is our number one priority.

The OT...she's gone. I actually talked with the owner first to see if there was anyone else within their company we could use and it turns out it's her. She is coming this morning to our house to start seeing Caleigh. Even better she told the old OT that we wouldn't be coming back. So I scraped by that one. Hoping this a good fit.

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